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Larken Rose: Scared of "What If?"

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Scared of "What If?"
Published by Larken Rose on April 26th, 2021.

It's all too easy for people (including pro-freedom people) to spend time worrying about things that will never happen. So how do we tell what is worth thinking about?

"... yes, there are psychopaths in the world, and yes there are control freaks, and yes tyranny totally has happened and will happen again ... But if your predictions of what's going to happen tomorrow, or what might happen tomorrow, aren't based on a realistic view of how reality works, then it's very easy for you to either get manipulated by somebody else or to accidentally manipulate yourself.

Like in this this past year of Covid ridiculousness ... Don't let yourself be controlled by things that never happened and never are going to happen. Don't let yourself be controlled by fear."

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interested in going halvsies on "Candles in the Dark"?

I would probably get it if I knew I could download it with YouTube-DLG. I am too lazy to screen record (and I don't really know how).

I would be grateful if you post the rip on Concen. This is example video from seminar:
I'm not sure why should I try to influence anyone to be libertarian. Just let people to believe what they want to believe.

In case of interest, here is an April 15/21 interview with him that I missed:

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a few older ones.

And this one with James Corbett, in case you haven't seen it already: