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The Kontrol Trilogy (2013) {Martin P. Keerns} (very special)

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Part One: Sex, Drugs, Rock and Kontrol
Part Two: Dumbed down word controlled monkey’s
Part Three: The Needle and the Damage Done

Hello, my name is Martin Keerns, I come from place called Greenock in Scotland. I have been doing my own intensive research on many issues (that also seem to concern you too) for about the last 20 years (solidly) now, I’ve always been inquisitive as hell, and I knew when things were unfair or wrong, and I rarely back down on the issues that really count , with that in mind I thought you might appreciate this latest copy of my “work” thus far.

I do not claim, or indeed believe, myself to be to be an expert or authority on anything. I am also not someone who has any “clout” or “standing” within the so called “truth movement”

I have been concentrating on doing only these books (and the other stuff I’ve compiled that just needs final editing) for five years now without any real breaks at all apart from to earn just enough to pay rent just in order to concentrate on more compiling, editing and then intense scrutinizing of what I have wrote. I seek no payment for this work and anyone is free to download it.

I know really all I do have in my favor is an extremely analytical and very open mind that I genuinely believe (to the best of my knowledge) has no agenda or belief (including being either: ignorant, narrow minded, most importantly - untrue, (but also, not racist, bigoted, sexist, hateful, or indeed dividing in any way)) contained within it, that ever prevents me from looking at any and all issues from all angles. I do not hate anyone.

Unless we ALL strive to make ALL information as free as we possibly can we are playing “their” game “their” way. - Those who cannot afford to buy the book are denied ALL of the information, just as those who cannot afford the subscription are denied ALL of the information. (I can sense some of the recipients of this email going off me a little bit already JUST because I say this!)

This is the sort of unorthodox “angle” that I have chosen to approach ALL of my work from. And this will be disconcerting to most. (Even though many will agree with my sentiment they will still be being told by their ego that I am idealistic, naive, or even just stupid for thinking this way). Unfortunately my friend, the “victory” we all dream of against our mutual enemies will NEVER be achieved until more of us feel the same way as I do. Unless ALL information becomes free, we won’t win.

Read just the introduction to the very first part of this work to see what simple me has done to try and change this. IT AFFECTS YOU (and everyone else on this planet for that matter). - Call me a fool if you wish, but I know that if this method in many respects is both understood and then employed by others, then it will change EVERYTHING.

Below is a list of the complete contents for parts 1, 2, and 3 of this work. I would be truly honored if you spent some (or indeed any) time looking at what I have thus far compiled. (I have much more on virtually EVERYTHING)

Kontrol Trilogy is written by one of concen's own members martinkeerns. He has spent the last five years writing these three books. So make sure you give him a BIG thank you! for all of his hard work!