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Knifemaking Unplugged

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This is a video that shows you how to use a truck spring and easily constructed forge to make a really great, full tang camp knife for chopping wood, notching sticks, cutting rope, etc. ...

This is all done without electricity from easily gathered materials...

from my first wilderness survival class to the global economy falling into the toilet, I've considered wood-fired blacksmithing one of the most important skills one could have in the wild, or in post societal melt-down situations... I mean think about it... all those useless gas guzzling vehicles lying around with dust in their tanks and a lack of any industrial facilities coupled with people using and breaking things built before the Fall...

think of how useful and helpful one could be!

I wouldn't upload this anywhere but here, as they ask nicely that you not distribute it, but you guys will actually probably put this to good use at some point.

enjoy, and be safe around the forge and the metal!