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The Killing$ of Tony Blair (2016)

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The Killings of Tony Blair
Some People Make a Living, Others Make A Killing.

The story of Tony Blair's destruction of the Labour Party, his well-remunerated business interests, and the thousands of innocent people who have died following his decision to invade Iraq.

Many believe Tony Blair should be charged for taking the UK to war in Iraq. Former Labour MP George Galloway has made a career out of challenging Blair: in this film he deftly makes his case. Cosying up to dictators and media-moguls, Blair has made a string of questionable friends in high places. In the process, he has also made a personal fortune.

Directors: Sanne van den Bergh, Greg Ward
Writers: George Galloway, Daniel Turi
Stars: Tony Blair (archive footage), Stephen Fry, George Galloway


George "unelectable anywhere" galloway. while I do agree that blair is an utter cunt in every way imaginable.
George Galloway is a sad, past it, attention seeking arsehole. this is the guy who, dressed in a lycra catsuits purred like a fuckwit for Rula Lenska on celebrity big brother.
He has worked for Iranian propaganda channels, had accusations of ripping off a charity "War on Want" in some astonishingly high cost taxi's he was getting on the charity's pennies.
Mind you it was quite funny when he ran rings round some US Senate hearing. If you watch that you'll see all his usual tools of the trade, trying to be impressive by using old, archaic and obscure terms chiefly amongst them which is just a way to kinda thrown people off by getting them thinking of the word itself rather than the substance of what's actually being said. Not only has he sucked up to Iran but also choked on Saddam's cock too even calling him "indefatigable". He's basically for sale to the highest bidder and in a way has a fucking cheek calling out Blair on matters of integtrity and honesty.
I would personally like to find out where the money trail for this production leads and i iiagine it'll be somewhere Arabic is spoken