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Ken Rohla - Staying Healthy in an Era of GMOs & Geoengineering

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Ken Rohla - Staying Healthy in an Era of GMOs & Geoengineering Ken Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting- edge science. Formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, Ken worked for 23 years in the medical industry, from the patient level drawing blood in hospital emergency rooms, to the national policy level, showing healthcare executives how to implement technology, as computer operations manager for the North Carolina Hospital Association. In 1993, at the age of 32, Ken was first exposed to natural healing in a search to cure severe hypoglycaemia and other health problems he had acquired from a lifetime of poor diet and lifestyle. Eight years and many thousands of dollars later, after trying a litany of diets, products, potions, and pills, Ken found permanent success with living food nutrition and detoxification. After repeated requests from friends to share what he had learned, Ken began teaching workshops on detoxification and rejuvenation in 2003, and demand for his services exploded. A cutting-edge researcher, Ken has studied with many pioneers in the sciences and natural health movement, including Gabriel Cousens, MD; Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement; David Wolfe; Dr. Robert Morse; Viktoras Kulvinskas; Brenda Cobb; and many others. In 2005, Ken became certified as a natural health educator by Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, and in 2006 was honored to work with Coretta Scott King, wife of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Currently Ken’s focus is developing natural solutions for new severe threats to our health, such as nuclear radiation, geoengineering pollutants, genetically modified foods and microorganisms, electromagnetic pollution, nanotechnology, biowarfare agents, depleted food, and other issues. You may see interviews with Ken on Gaiam TV, Red Ice Radio, and elsewhere on his web site, audio Ken Rohla Ancient Technologies, Benevolent Reptilians & Consciousness with Ken Rohla.m4a Holistic Educator and Lecturer - Ken Rohla is interviewed.m4a Inside the Bosnian Pyramids & Hurricane Engineering with Ken Rohla.m4a Ken Rohla on Scalar Energy, Ormus & Free Energy Devices.m4a Planet Xtra - G ON PLANET X ep2 - With Ken Rohla.m4a Radio 3Fourteen - Ken Rohla - Neutralizing Radiation, Chemtrails & Mind Control.m4a Red Ice Radio - Ken Rohla - Hour 1 - Natural Health, Free Energy, MLK Assassination.m4a Red Ice Radio - Ken Rohla - Staying Healthy in a Toxic World.m4a Tom Bearden Tom Bearden - Weather Modification by Scalar Waves.m4a text others 27 Methods to Neutralize Radioactivity.pdf Another tiny miracle - Graphene oxide soaks up radioactive waste.pdf Fresh And Alive - Radiation Links.pdf Fresh And Alive - Recipes.pdf OrmusiteTM Holy Hand Grenade (HHG) Instructions.pdf Remineralize the Earth - From Chernobyl to Japan - Treating Radiation Sickness with Rock Dust.pdf The Tom Bearden Website.pdf patents EP1090395A1 Remediation of radioactive waste by stimulated radioactive decay.pdf Extensive List of Patents - Geoengineering Watch.pdf Transmutation patents.pdf US2995526.pdf US3274035.pdf videos Ken Rohla Chia Nut Milk & Chia Lemonade Recipes by Ken Rohla.mp4 Dr Stephen E West Discusses Fast & Powerful Healing Methods with Ken Rohla.mp4 Eliminating Insomnia and other Sleep Problems with Ken Rohla.mp4 How to Grow Your Own Nutrient Dense Superfoods for Pennies by Ken Rohla.mp4 Ken Rohla - Biowarfare, GMOs, and Geoengineering - FYM Conference 4.mp4 Ken Rohla - How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails from the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body.mp4 Ken Rohla - Pyramid Energy and What We Can Do with It.mp4 Ken Rohla - Staying Healthy in a Toxic World, 2017.mp4 Ken Rohla - Staying Healthy in an Era of Biowarfare, GMOs & Geoengineering.mp4 Ken Rohla - The Physics of How Consciousness Creates Reality.mp4 others 6 ways mushrooms can save the world - Paul Stamets.mp4 A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 by Isao Hashimoto.mp4 Alexander Golod's Pyramid.mp4 Dan Haley On Brown's Gas Additional Properties.mp4 David Hudson - ORMUS Conference, Enota 2011.mp4 David Keith - A surprising idea for solving climate change.mp4 Fukushima EMFarmer - no radiation detected.mp4 MICROSCOPIC ANALYSIS of US ARTIFICIAL SNOW - WHAT the DOD is HIDING.mp4 Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen - Fukushima Meltdown May Result in 1 Million Cases of Cancer.mp4 Radiation Exposure.mp4 USAF Environmental Specialist Kristen Meghan Blows Whistle on Air Force Chemtrail Chemicals.mp4 What in the World Are They Spraying.mp4 Why in the World Are They Spraying.mp4 The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste 1.mp4 The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste 2.mp4 The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste 3.mp4 The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste 4.mp4 tags: scalar, ormus, chemtrails, consciousness, food, radiation, pyramids, weather, health, healing
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