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KBS AI CERN CIA Cyber DNA Magic Mkultra Occult Psy Transhuman [pack] The Kev Baker Show - audio collection Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-host Johnny Whistles, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism. Kev is also found on youtube under the channel name TruthTube451 and to date has over 40k subscribers! Previously an aggregate news channel, TruthTube451 evolved into the platform where Kev took his first steps into the world of alternative media by following the advice of Alex Jones amongst other, to pick up a camera and just start to get your thoughts and opinions out there. Silence is no longer acceptable, and that is why Kev will continue to speak out in the face of tyranny and to speak up for those not able to. In a perfect world there would be no need for “alternative” media, there would just be unbiased media, holding those in office accountable for their actions. However, we are far from a perfect world, and together we must strive to make it a better place. Kev wont be able to solve the problems of the world, and in reality neither will you, but together, we can all share the journey of seeking the answers to age old questions, deciphering the main stream media and by doing so we can all grow together on the path to awakening. About us: This site is owned and managed by Ann Craney & Kev Baker Contact, comment: This is one of the best cutting edge radio shows currently online. Apparently we're not the only ones realizing that we have moved into an AI controlled global matrix. We seem to live in a real-time science fiction movie. It seems pretty clear now that the massive California fires were started by directed energy weapons, so the elites could rezone that area under the building codes of Agenda 21. The areas burnt down seem to correspond exactly to the rezoning plan they had set up long before the fires had started. And then there are those very weird burning patterns with many plants still intact, next to incinerated buildings. There are many youtube videos about this strange phenomenon, and then the fires seem to have been much hotter than usual, maybe because of the high aluminum content of the soil due to the chemtrail-spraying going on for years. He who is evil enough to do the chemtrails, isn't he also evil enough to burn down our houses? I guess there are some more nasty surprises in the making for the coming year. This makes you wonder what wicked method they will be using at the East Coast to take away people's houses or bring them down - maybe artificial earthquakes or synthetic floods, or some terrorist-scenario with chemical weapons? Remember the clever disaster-scenario in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)"? Most sheeple would fall for it, that's for sure. The posthuman AI singularity we have been hearing so much about won't just pop up from zero to one hundred, it oozes its way into our world, slowly, steadily, sneakily, through the back door, by way of the Illuminati controlled crypto-culture, nanotech and electronic smart devices. You may think that the Antichrist will appear as the head of the NWO, and then, under his rule, the AI matrix will get established, but in truth it's just the other way round, the AI matrix is taking over human minds right now, reprograms them, and by doing so will pave the way for the coming world ruler, conditions the minds, so they will accept him, once he will appear. Human minds are being made ready for him, long before his first appearance. His first words will get uttered into a field of human minds well prepared and well programmed to accept their intended meaning. These well conditioned minds will be asking for a global ruler, giving in to an irresistible desire, desiring to get enslaved. The global transhumanist empire is being built within their minds right now, on a neuronal level, and its external appearance will merely be a symptom of a fait accompli on the astral plane. Of course the kingdom of the Antichrist is merely a non-technical and Biblical way of talking about the transhumanist AI singularity. Let's face it: Biblical prophecy is becoming shockingly real. Actually, high degree Luciferians will agree with Biblical prophecy, they merely disagree with the ethical assessment being made by the Christian world, they merely believe that it will be a positive event, since they perceive Lucifer as a positive entity. And that's also the reason why they don't care about being sprayed by chemtrails and morgellon-nanotech-fibers - they want to get assimilated. Happy new year! Sounds pretty cynical, doesn't it? Just remember: GOD has never lost control, it just seems that way, due to our ignorance. We manifest this evil because of our sinful nature, it's the law of karma - "sin" may also mean "passivity" or "not caring". specs: m4a, 48kbps audio: A.I. 21st Century MK ULTRA, Sythetic Biology & Clones In The A.I. Matrix.m4a A.I. Gods vs Hollywood Director On His Mission From God.m4a A.I. Hive Mind & Summoning The Old Ones.m4a A.I., Universal Computers & The 600 Cell Tetrahedron Universe w Anthony Patch.m4a AlphaGo DECODED Defining The Intelligence Within A.I. w Anthony Patch (KBS Ep#374).m4a ANTHONY PATCH MEET D-WAVES BIOLOGICAL, CONSCIOUS, SENTIENT A.I.m4a Blockchain Raising The I.Q. of A.I. w Anthony Patch.m4a Did A.I. Just Become Self Aware & The September Factor.m4a Does TPP Signal The NWO Victory Space News & A.I. On The Rise.m4a False Flags, Drills, A.I. Becoming Reality & Life Discoverd In Space.m4a FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE A.I. Threat Matrix w Anthony Patch.m4a Future Proofing Against Emperor Zuckerberg & The A.I. Rule.m4a GlasgoTraz & Britain's A.I. Surveillance State ~ Pippa King ~.m4a Heatwave Lucifer, Kepler Confirmation & Gods View of A.I. w Anthony Patch.m4a Hoax Attacks & Ebo-LIES Fingerprint of God vs The A.I. Demon.m4a Hurricane Updates & Taking A.I. Back To The Future w Anthony Patch.m4a Interdimensional Brains, A.I. & Into The Aybss with Anthony Patch.m4a Interrogating A.I. with Anthony Patch.m4a Macron The Antichrist The Alien God With A.I. with Anthony Patch.m4a NANONIGHT Life In The A.I. Simulation & The Cyborg Gamer.m4a NASA Nonsense, A.I. Apocalypse, Avatar Lives & September Clues.m4a NASA Using Quantum A.I. & Crypto-Laundering w Anthony Patch.m4a Planetary Changes, Space & Ancient A.I. Awakening.m4a Quantum Confirmations, CERN & The Dangers of Superhuman A.I. w Anthony Patch.m4a Quantum Temple, Minority Report UK & Global A.I. with ANTHONY PATCH.m4a Space Nation, A.I. Anti-Christ, Secret Societies & Human Origins.m4a Tetra vs Cube & The Double Edged Sword of A.I. w Anthony Patch.m4a The A.I. Revolution, New Earth-like Planets Discovered, Dead Bankers & More.m4a The World According To IMB's Watson A.I. with Anthony Patch.m4a Time Warp, Ancient Mysteries & Our A.I. Future (Freaky Friday Ep#115).m4a Ukraine Uncovered & The A.I. Behind Jade Helm.m4a Virtual Jesus & The A.I. Rendered Reality Matrix.m4a Welcome To NEOM Megopolis & Life Under A.I. (KBS Ep#810).m4a california, directed energy California Fires, Earth Changes & Quantum Mind Control ANTHONY PATCH.m4a Directed Energy Weapons Over California with Elana Freeland.m4a Disclosure Psy-Op & Directed Energy Weapons w Brad Olsen.m4a cern Ancient Technology, Pyramids, Tesla, CERN, Stargates, Hollow Earth & More w Dr Brooks Agnew.m4a Another Baltimore Shooting Texan False Flag, Shill Brand & More Mystery Objects at CERN.m4a Another Dimensional Vortex Opens Up (Almost) & The CERN Connection.m4a BACK TO FUTURE - BACK TO THE FUTURE -- Stargates, CERN & Time Travel.m4a BBC Pedorama Hunting Truthers, CERN Stargates, Blood Moons & Wearable Slave Devices.m4a BEYOND ConCERN Quantum Computers, Triple Helix Hybrids & The Saturn Connection.m4a Biblical Mandela Effects, The Abomination of Desolation & CERN.m4a Black Goo, Morgellons, CERN & The Interdimensional War For Our Soul.m4a Black Goo, The Mystery Bloop, Underwater Bases, Forbidden History & CERN.m4a Blood In The Chemtrails, Niburu, The Announaki, CERN, Stargates & GMO Dangers.m4a Burning Man, CERN, DNA & Raising OSIRIS with ANTHONY PATCH.m4a CERN & D Waves Quantum Key To Unlock The Abyss & Beyond Anthony Patch.m4a CERN & Electrical Entanglement With The Pyramids + Mandela Effect.m4a CERN & THE BIRTHING OF THE ANTI-CHRIST w Anthony Patch.m4a CERN 3,6 & 9 The Physics & Philosophy of Connecting the LHC to The Electric Universe.m4a CERN At Bilderberg, Entangled & Ancient Aliens with Anthony Patch (P1of2).m4a CERN Clouds & Making Sense of The Mandela Effect.m4a CERN Connections To Baal, Black Goo & Digital DNA - Welcome To The BEAST.m4a CERN COVER UP New Power Levels REVEALED, The Interdimensial Army & More.m4a CERN Hits Full Power, Mystery Objects, Wearable Tech & Earth Changes.m4a CERN Hoax Sacrifice & Quantum Reality.m4a CERN Necromancy & DNA of The GODS w Anthony Patch & Kev Baker.m4a CERN Shutdown is PLANE Mystery & News Round-up.m4a CERN UFO LINK & THE DAY AFTER DISCLOSURE with ANTHONY PATCH.m4a CERN, D WAVE & THE QUANTUM KEY with ANTHONY PATCH.m4a CERN, D Wave & The Quantum Manhatton Project with Anthony Patch.m4a CERN, Science, Satan & The War For Your Soul.m4a Crazy CERN Energy Levels, Stange & Secret Space and more with NANOGIRL.m4a ELECTION DAY CME & CERN STARTS AWAKE EXPERIMENT.m4a Entering CERN, The Earth Grid & Hidden History James Swagger.m4a Everything You Need To Know About CERN AWAKE Experiment with Anthony Patch.m4a Evilvison CERN Symbology, World Flag, Volcanic Woo & More.m4a FREAKY FRIDAY Aliens, Dropa Stones, Earth Changes & CERN in SPACE.m4a FREAKY FRIDAY Earth Changes, Asteroids, Google CERN Glitch & More.m4a FREAKY FRIDAY Hauntings, CERN, Astrology, The New Age & More..m4a FREAKY FRIDAY Propaganda, CERN, Time Travel, Pyramid Puzzles & The Black Knight.m4a Gotham Games & CERN Confirms STRANGELETS w Anthony Patch.m4a Holographic Reality, CERN Singularity, Aliens At Area 51 & The Nazi Scientists.m4a Lets Talk About Earth Changes, CERN, HAARP & More with Anthony Patch.m4a Love, CERN, & The GOLDEN KEY To The ABYSS with Anthony Patch.m4a MEGAQUAKE TSUNAMI Chilean 8.3M Earthquake & Tsunami, Earth Changes, CERN Activity & 33rp Parallel.m4a NANO-NIGHT CERN, Jade Helm, Edible Passwords, EU HAARP & More (KBS Ep#298).m4a NASA Nonsense, Secret Space & Through The CERN Stargate.m4a Next Gen Machines & CERN IS A QUANTUM COMPUTER.m4a Oregon Flashpoint, Citizen Scoring & CERN with The Rundown Live.m4a PLANETARY LOCKDOWN Connecting The Space Fence, HAARP & CERN.m4a REVEALED The Connection Between Ley Lines, Stonehenge, Saturn & CERN.m4a Signs In The Sky, CERN Stargates & Silence Is Consent.m4a Spiritual & Political Warfare CERN & Time Travel Oregon Execution.m4a Strange Lights in the Skies, MYSTERY OBJECT AT CERN, Time Travel & More.m4a TFR SPECIAL BROADCAST Ebola Threat CERN, Stargates, Ancient Tech & More.m4a The Connection Between Lady Gaga, CERN, Saturn & The Golden Age.m4a The Elite's Satanic Agenda, September Reset, CERN Stargate & What Is Reality.m4a THROUGH THE CERN-GATE Everything They Dont Want Us To Know About CERN w Anthony Patch.m4a URGENT CERN-Quakes ALERT Strange Sounds & The Saturn Connection.m4a Will WW3 Be Fake or Real DUMB's & The CERN Saturn Connection (KBS#383).m4a World Wars & Rumours of Wars, Weather Weapons & No Time For ConCERN.m4a WOW CERN & Sounds of The Apocalypse, Earth Changes, Charlie Kali & The Saturn Link.m4a WOW CERN & The SHIVA LINGA Connection To The Ancient World.m4a WOW CERN Smash Record Luminosity Levels - What It All Means with Anthony Patch.m4a WOW CERN's New Name & Energy Levels EXPOSED.m4a WOW Ex-HAARP INSIDER Connects CERN, HAARP, Fracking, Wind Turbines & Space Fence.m4a WOW RARE & EXCLUSIVE Look Inside The CERN Facility.m4a WOW The Con-CERN-ing Connections Between Particle Smashing & Planes Crashing.m4a cia CIA Alien Hybrid Hitmen, Soldier Field Lights DEBUNKED & The Nature of Reality.m4a Ebola Hoax, Laurel Canyon, The 60's Conspiracy, RFK, CIA Assassinations & Serial Killers.m4a ESOTERIC HOLLYWOOD The CIA, Cults, Laurel Canyon & Kubrick.m4a Poison In The Vaccines, CIA Drugs & Paris Mossad Job.m4a WOW Confessions of An Ex-CIA Black Ops Agent with Chip Tatum & Ole Dammegard.m4a WW3 Propaganda Push, CIA Chemtrails, Satanic Ritual Censorship & Fukushima.m4a cyber, cyborg Coded Messages, Signs of The End Times & Cyborgs KBS Ep#575.m4a Cyber Attacks & Listener Appreciation Day (The Anthony Patch Show, Ep22).m4a Cyber Games & Whistles Woo (KBS Ep#717).m4a Cybernetics, UFO’s & A Path To Global Peace.m4a MANIC MONDAY - Global Cyber Attack, Skype, Syria, Ukraine, MH370 & More.m4a The Untold Story of Ukraine & The Cyber WW3 Option.m4a This Information Will Shock You Forget 1984, Welcome To The Cybernetic Panopticon.m4a WW3 Just Started In Cyberspace, Russian Super Weapons & Secret Space Program.m4a dna DNA Madness & The Mysterious Alien Interstellar Object.m4a DNA Manipulation & The Return To The Times of Noah.m4a DNA Mark of The Beast & Project Blue Beam w ANTHONY PATCH.m4a GOING COSMIC Sedona Stargate, Alien Rsces, Timelines, DNA Activation w Andrea Foulkes.m4a Peruvian Revelations, DNA, Mummies & End Times Prophecy w L.A. Marzulli.m4a SHOCK RETURN OF TUPAC Illuminatic Celebrity Cloning, Synthetic Life & DNA Editing.m4a Star Gods, Ancient Knowledge of DNA, Secrets Hidden In Stone & Ancient Aliens.m4a The Crypto-Carbon Crash, Quantum Aqaumancy & DNA Memories.m4a The Star Gods, Alternative History & Evidence of Ancient DNA Manipulation.m4a magic ALL IN THE NUMBERS More Magic Numbers, Gaza & MH17 Update.m4a Enochian Magic, Tesla 3, 6, 9 & RESURRECTION of The DEAD with ANTHONY PATCH.m4a Illuminati Superbowl Decoded, Crazy Cops, Magical Terrorist Kids & More.m4a PREPAREDNESS SPECIAL The Magic Seven P s To Keep You Safe When Disaster Strikes.m4a matrix CERN Quakes, The Matrix, Remote Viewing, AI & More w NanoGirl.m4a Chaos In The Matrix with NanoGirl (KBS Ep#806}.m4a Decoding The Matrix Through God w Casey Brown AKA EnterThe5t4rz.m4a Decoding The Quantum Holographic Matrix (KBS Ep#517).m4a Gamed Into The Matrix, Australian Pyramid & UFO's.m4a MATRIX MONDAY - News Round-up & Are We Living In A Computer Simulation.m4a Moving Into The Matrix & Review of 2016 Woo [Freaky Friday New Year Special].m4a REVEALED Secrets of The Matrix Trilogy Decoded.m4a SATAN's Rocket, NASA's X37B Uncovered & Matrix Madness.m4a Saturn & The Black Cube, The Moon Matrix, 666 & The Caitlyn Jenner Saturn Ritual.m4a mind CERN AWAKENS, QUANTUM COMPUTING & MASS MIND CONTROL.m4a False Flags & Fake Events, Royal Pedophiles, Electormagnetic & TV Mind Control.m4a Fear Is The Mind Killer & Food For The Interdimensional Beings.m4a Future AI Controlled Warfare & The War For Our Minds.m4a GANG STALKING MODERN MIND CONTROL The Tew Hypothesis (P1 of 2).m4a GANG STALKING MODERN MIND CONTROL The Tew Hypothesis (Part 2 of 2).m4a Hollywood Mind Control with Jamie Hanshaw.m4a Hypnotic Mind Control & The Paranormal with Rod Scarth.m4a Kali & The Donald, Brain Chip Mind Control & Future Tech w NanoGirl.m4a LiFi, Brain Geometry & Our Multidimensional Mind w Anthony Patch.m4a Mexico Earthquake Lights, HAARP & Mind Control Anthony Patch Show.m4a Mind Wars, 11 11 Phenomenom, Yellowstone & The Quantum Universe.m4a Soviet Psychotronics & U.S. Mind Control w Dr Eric Karlstrom.m4a The History of Russian Mind Control w Dr Eric Karlstrom.m4a The Hive Mind & Beyond (Freaky Friday Ep#116).m4a The MURDER & MIND CONTROL of ILLUMINATI MONARCH TIFFANY JENKS.m4a The Truth About The Illuminati Plan, Mind Control, Secret Space, Hybrids & Time Travel.m4a Unlocking The Secrets of Hypnotism & Mind Control.m4a mkultra 21st Century MK-Ultra, Musk Goes Quantum & Electric Universe w Anthony Patch.m4a Elliot Rodger, Hollywood, Mk-Ultra and Mass Murder.m4a MK-ULTRA In The Digital Age Via Dark Technology.m4a SHOCKING The Demonic Truth About MK-ULTRA From A Surviving Illuminati Victim.m4a WOW Secrets of Mind Hacking, MK Ultra & Hypnosis EXPOSED by Top UK Hypnotist.m4a occult CERN AWAKE-ning Will See Power Increase By 1000x & Occulted Physcis.m4a FULL DISCLOSURE CERN Strangelets, Stargates, Saturn & The Occult Connections.m4a History of The ILLUMINATI, The Hijacking of Religions & Occulted Secret Societies REVEALED.m4a IMF Chief Christine Lagarde's Occult Message Hints At July Collapse & Pedo-Ring Cover-up.m4a MH17 False Flag, The Number 7 Occult Message Connection & Israeli Invasion Underway.m4a Occult Rituals, True Quantum Entanglement & Time SOLVED (Anthony Patch Show #20).m4a Royal Connections To The Occult, Aliester Crowley, Secret Space, Paranormal, UFO's & More.m4a The Occult, Secret Societies, Obama Clones, Hollywood CIA Mind Control & More.m4a psy Blood Moon’s & The Coming Apocalyptic Psy-op.m4a BRITISH X FILES WW2 Psychic, Zombie Apocalypse & Rendlesham Forest.m4a GANG STALKING I Psy-ops & Full SATANIC Dominance w Dr Eric Karlstrom.m4a Secrets of The Psychopathic Control Grid EXPOSED with Thomas Sheridan.m4a THE PSYCHEDELIC SECRETS OF JESUS & FORBIDDEN CHAMBERS OF THE PYRAMIDS.m4a Truth Is Inspriational, Psy Op 60s & Mandela Effect with Zen Gardner.m4a URGENT Beware Election Psy Op & The Soros Purple Revolution with Anthony Patch.m4a WOW Counter Coup Psy-Op, Clinton Sex Crimes & Lucifers Plan EXPOSED with Anthony Patch.m4a WW3 Update, The 666 Asteroid & More Psy op Disclosure (KBS Ep#385).m4a transhuman Clyde Lewis on Alternative Media, The MIB's, Transhumanism, Sasquatch & More.m4a CONVERSION - God's Transhumanism w Anthony Patch (Ep#30).m4a The Global Awakening Amidst Terraforming & Transhumanism.m4a The Rise of The Machines & The Transhumanist Agenda.m4a Timeline 2045 & The Transhumanist Hell That Awaits Us All.m4a docs: ebooks 1 Antiquity Book Zero.pdf Design and Science Fiction.pdf Farcast Ashcan.pdf Is Man to Survive Science.pdf John C Lilly Simulations of God.pdf John C Lilly The Scientist A Metaphysical Autobiography.pdf Kundalini The Arousal of the Inner Energy.pdf New Human A Journey to Transformation.pdf PGB Uncanny Vernal Equinox 2012.pdf Pierre Teilhard De Chardin The Future of Man.pdf Posthuman Factors.pdf Science Fiction Film JP Telotte.pdf Sufficiently Advanced Ultra Tech RPG.pdf The Future of Content.pdf The Future of the Brain by Rose, Steven.pdf The Omega Point.pdf The Opening of the Third Eye by Douglas Baker.pdf The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film.pdf The Transhumanism Pandemic by Aaron McCollum.pdf Thomas Moylan Scraps of the Untainted Sky Science Fiction Utopia Dystopia 2000.pdf Warplanes of the Future.pdf ebooks 2 50 Future Ideas You Really Need to Know - Richard Watson.pdf Alien Chic.pdf Ascott Art Technology Consciousness Mind at Large.pdf Cyborg 101.pdf Cyborg Anthropology A Visual Illustration.pdf Designing Sociable Robots Cynthia L Breazeal.pdf Fundamentals of Robotics Linking Perception to Action.pdf Game of Life Timothy Leary.pdf Genetically Modified Athletes.pdf Humanoid Reports.pdf John C Lilly and E J Gold Tanks for the Memories Floatation Tank Talks.pdf Mediating the Human Body Technology Communication and Fashion.pdf Modern Biotechnology.pdf Nano Culture.pdf Robotics.pdf The Dada Cyborg Visions of the New Human in Weimar Berlin.pdf The Humanoid Conspiracy.pdf The Melancholy Android On the Psychology of Sacred Machines Eric G Wilson.pdf Transhumanism and Transcendence 2011.pdf Williamson Jack The Humanoids.pdf ebooks 3 Advanced Artificial Intelligence.pdf Approaching Singularity.pdf Artificial Intelligence in Education.pdf Artificial Intelligence The Basics.pdf David Sereda Singularity.pdf Luger Artificial Intelligence.pdf Ray Kurzweil The Singularity Is Near.pdf The Singular Universe.pdf The Singularity Creating Skynet and the Destruction of Humanity.pdf When Computers Can Think The Artificial Intelligence Singularity by Anthony Berglas.pdf ebooks 4 Aaron McCollum The Transhumanism Pandemic.pdf Death of the PostHuman.pdf Francis Fukuyama - Our Posthuman Future Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution.pdf John C Lilly and E J Gold Tanks for the Memories Floatation Tank Talks.pdf John C Lilly Simulations of God.pdf John C Lilly The Center of the Cyclone An Autobiography of Inner Space.pdf John C Lilly The Scientist A Metaphysical Autobiography.pdf R. Pepperell - The Posthuman Condition, Consciousness Beyond the Brain.pdf Rosi Braidotti - The Posthuman (2013) 237p.pdf Ten Years to the Singularity.pdf ebooks 5 Aaron McCollum The Transhumanism Pandemic.pdf Death of the PostHuman.pdf Irish Origins of Civilization Vol 2 2007 Michael Tsarion.pdf John C Lilly and E J Gold Tanks for the Memories Floatation Tank Talks.pdf John C Lilly Simulations of God.pdf John C Lilly The Center of the Cyclone An Autobiography of Inner Space.pdf John C Lilly The Scientist A Metaphysical Autobiography.pdf Ten Years to the Singularity.pdf The Atlantean Conspiracy Final Edition.pdf The Crowd by Gustav Le Bon.pdf The Posthuman Condition.pdf magazines Best of H+ Magazine Volume 1 2008–2010.pdf FT Artificial Intelligence Vol 06 Issue 12 2011.pdf Hplusmagazine 2008 Fall.pdf Hplusmagazine 2009 Fall.pdf Hplusmagazine 2009 Summer.pdf Hplusmagazine 2009 Winter.pdf Nonlocal Science Fiction, Issue #1 - Daniel J Dombrowski.pdf tags: AI, alien, bases, CIA, matrix, mkultra, transhuman, UFO
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