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Kay Griggs - Colonels Wife Tell-All Interview (1998)

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Kay Griggs - Colonels Wife Tell-All Interview (1998) Kay Griggs, former Marine Colonel's Wife, talks again about Military Assassin Squads, Drug Running, Illegal Weapon Deals and Sexual Perversion Deep within the Highest Levels of U.S. Military and Government. For 11 long years, Kay Griggs heard all the messy details from her military husband, usually while he was drinking before going into one of his drunken stupors. First going public in 1998 in an eight hour video interview with a truth-seeking Michigan pastor and FM radio broadcaster, she now is back after 9/11 to warn Americans to beware of the evil lurking within the highest levels of government, bound and determined to destroy America. Katharine 'Kay' Griggs knows what it's like to have a gun pointed in her face. She knows what it's like to have her face slapped, her bones broken and her nose bloodied by her former bully of a husband, an active Marine Colonel and a man who she claims is "above the law and literally gets away with murder." Virginia court documents and photos of her battered arms and legs tell the sad and brutal physical story of her failed marriage, a tumultuous 11 year roller coaster ride ending in 1999. But the real story for public consumption isn't the private divorce court details. It is the secret military information about drug running, weapon sales, sexual perversion and assassination squads she learned firsthand from her husband, U.S. Marine Corps Col. George Raymond Griggs, now remarried and living in Mirror Lake, NH. This isn't the first time Griggs is going public with her story about government mob-like hit squads and the sexually perverted secret "cap and gown and skull and bone society" her husband belonged to along with other high-ranking Marine officers and pubic officials. She first went public in 1996 after receiving death threats, being rescued by Sarah McClendon, former senior member of the White House press corps, who believed her story and took Griggs under her wing, giving her a place to stay and important advice about how to stay alive when dealing with military operatives. "I became a whistle blower and received death threats," said Griggs this week in an extended telephone conversation from her Tidewater, VA. home. "I finally wound up living for safety reasons with Sarah, the dean of the White House Press Corps, who had been with every president since FDR and was in Army intelligence and also an attorney's daughter from Texas." Advised by McClendon to go public without being able to get the mainstream media to listen, she traveled to Adrian, MI on the advice of a friend to do a long extended taped interview with Pastor Rick Strawcutter, a preacher and owner of a 500 watt pirate FM station at 99.3 on the dial in Lenawee County. videos: Kay Griggs - Colonel's Wife Tell-All Interview 1 of 4 (480p).mp4 Kay Griggs - Colonel's Wife Tell-All Interview 2 of 4 (480p).mp4 Kay Griggs - Colonel's Wife Tell-All Interview 3 of 4 (480p).mp4 Kay Griggs - Colonel's Wife Tell-All Interview 4 of 4 (480p).mp4 specs: 07 hrs 17 min 19 sec, 480p tags: mind control, military, army, assassin, pedophile, homosexual, conspiracy, elites
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