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Kahuna Psychic Self Defense - John La Tourette

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Heads up on quality: this is a VHS rip (not mine) quality is so-so.

I have some of his other stuff if anyone is interested.

"Psychic Self Defense!"

"Learn The Real Kahuna Warrior Secrets Behind Psychic Attack, Energy 'Sucking' Tactics, Mental influence & Psychic Healing!!!"

Mind Master Dr. John La Tourrette is a world-renown martial artist, Kahuna trainer, author, speaker, NLP self-help trainer and performance modeling coach.

He is the founder of the Kahuna ESP Mind, an interdisciplinary mind-bridging art combining Huna, NLP, hypnosis, Energy Body work and Energy Mind work. He is the developer of the restructuring and mind erasure pattern, the Inner Demon Destroyer which is a pioneering self-help development for personal coaches to assist their clients in adjusting old Pavlovian anchors in their energy fields and in their unconscious minds, and then installing new and more effective resources to assist them in the directions they choose to grow in. He is the developer of the Super Glue of the Mind series, and incorporates and teaches the best covert anchoring tactics on the planet, using effective combinations of energy anchoring, unzipping the hypnosis meridians, and unseen installations of thought forms into their fields.