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Justin's Films (pack) BrainO, Musickal Mind Control,Truth Or Fables

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Justin's Films

Brain-O (2010)

My first film which expose subliminal messages in a wide variety of cartoons, movies, video games, music videos, etc.
Subliminal. Not many words catch the attention of people like this word. Ironic to think that when the word is defined as
“functioning below the threshold of conciseness”, (by Merriam-Webster.) It is a synonym for the word subtle.
It isn’t defined as backwards, hidden, eso or exoteric. In order for a subliminal message to effect the intended
it must be seen even if unknowingly.

MuSICKal Mind Control Vol.1 (2011)

Having spent the majority of 27 years engulfed in a world of music myself, I speak
from firsthand knowledge about the effects music in general has on its fans. I let the artist speak for their self, and then
compare it to God's word.

MuSICKal Mind Control Redux (2011)

This film is a continuation of MuSICKal Mind Control. I worked hard to illustrate the ties between the music industry,
the New Age movement, and the ecumenical body that has a one world religion in mind. Many will claim they are Christians, but
few truly even know what that ensues. MMC:Redux is a documentary where I tried to use the artist own words to get the message
across (as did Vol. 1) that their messages are all fundamentally the same. There is a true God, and the so called artists of the
world either misses Him all together, worships their self (essentially Satanism), or they worship any god that is convenient
and they deny the true living God of the Bible.

God Is NOT Your Personal Slot Machine (2011)

Televangelist can be summed up in one word: Greed. In this stunning 3 hour documentary we expose the lies being mass produced by these charismatic
prosperity preachers. I am talking about the false doctrines being produced in a mass scale by what the Lord described as: ravening wolves.
 (See Matthew 7:15) Are you in the body of Christ (the REAL Church) or are you like so many that say they know "God" or even claim to be "Christian"
yet never read on page of the Bible? Paul tells us that in the last days the apostate church would be in full swing, and many having itching ears
would heap to their self "doctrines of devils."

Brain-O II: Plunger Included (2012)

My epic 6 part film that runs nearly 7 hours long. I break up into sections the tools of subversion that Satan uses to mind control
those who cannot understand the Light of Jesus Christ. Subliminal messages, government elitist, freemasons, witchcraft, the homosexual agenda,
and so much more are covered in this film.

Truth or Fables (2014)

Why are comic books, and there adaptations to film, the escape so many seek from reality? Is it worship if you love comic books and
their stories more than God's truth? Do people really believe in comic books like a religion? Yes they certainly do. Many consider
the Bible just another "book" of "good stories" so why couldn't someone's favorite comic book be their "god?" Do comic books have
a progressively negative and anti-Christian perspective? Do comics attempt to mock God? Yes. Watch this video and see as I rid
myself of my collection of comic books and explain why they are evil. I burn issues now becoming TV shows (Preacher) and many others.


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