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Julian Assange: Revolution Now (2020)

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Some see a terrorist - some see a journalist. This is an unparalleled look at the journey of how one man and his mission to empower the world with information became the target of the most powerful government in the world, the United States government. From coder to convict. This is the story of Julian Assange. One man and his fight for a fair trial. One man and his quest for truth.


any good?

I heard fairly recently that Assange is doing rather poorly in solitary confinement and cannot access the internet in any way etc. Although I think WikiLeaks may have dumped their entire archive online as well. I hope he is able to get out of jail soon!

That’s true about the solitary confinement.

They always had their archive online though, that post going around is nonsense, there’s nothing on podesta or the Vegas sniper being fbi etc

I hope you guys are watching the news on Basically the only news channel that talks about issues like this.
This is the most recent development:
Snowden declares 'end of case against Julian Assange' after newspaper reveals LIES by key witness in US extradition case