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JP Houdin - Cheops Revealed [pyramid egypt]

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JP Houdin - Cheops Revealed [pyramid egypt]

1) JP Houdin - Cheops Revealed

4500 years after the construction of the great Pyramids, their secret still remains. Jean-Pierre Houdin's very serious ramp theory explains how the Great Pyramids could have possibly been built from the inside. This theory is considered by many egyptologists and amateurs to be the most advanced, sophisticated, and demonstrated theory on how the great pyramids were built. Documentary broadcasted on France 2, France 5, and NHK Japan, in French and English.

2) National Geographic Special - Unlocking The Great Pyramid

3) Khufu Reborn - Dassault Systemes

In 2007 Jean-Pierre Houdin, a French architect, revealed his revolutionary new theory as to how the Great Pyramid in Egypt was built. Dassault Systemes, a team of computer engineers, spent 2 years testing his 'internal ramp' theory with scientific 3D simulations. Their website allows you to fly around the pyramid as it would have looked 4,500 years ago and explains in outline Jean-Pierre's theory.

There's a story mode which you can watch but each part can take up to 5 minutes to load, so I've put them all here in one video, or you can use the 'Free Navigation Mode' and fly around the landscape exploring the pyramids and surrounding structures etc.

and more...

comment: And here we go again, they're pushing their burial-chamber theory whenever they can. Just look it up on wikipedia, where they've actually found pharaoh Tutankhamun for example. I guess he couldn't afford a pyramid as his personal mausoleum. ;-)