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Jordan Maxwell- Keys to Understanding Hidden Symbols in the Bible

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From The Internationale's Youtube channel:

does a very good job explaining a few things about Mr Maxwell ;)

Again dear Pax :)
I am putting info out because
a) there is no such thing as negative knowledge by itself
b) it's how you USE said info for good or bad
c) emotional mind control to completely dismiss what a person says just because they don't fit one's preconceived notions.
d) people can sift through everything with deep research.
e) the INFO is what is important, NOT the presenter of said info.
f) shutting oneself off from potentially valuable information just because it brings one to cognitive dissonance or that the presenter is not liked for any myriad of reasons is a mark of intellectual and spiritual immaturity.
g) people can of course watch Chris White do whatever, but I am still disseminating the info. People aren't dumb, and I love it that people here just want to learn more and more so yay!

With respect,

Also dear Pax,
I am not a fan of "DeBunkers" because I personally sense them to try to waylay people to even looking into things for themselves. All these debunkers saying "don't pay attention to person X (e.g., Jordan Maxwell) because I have debunked him!" makes me want to research said person or subject all the more. It's also a covert misdirection tactic in a way, and censorship, so that people may be less likely to even CONSIDER looking into said person or subject being debunked. And I for one, am quite tired of censorship. Stone Cold Salute to Censorship!


let me give you one wee example......
Maxwell insists that solomon is a compound word Sol Om On and all refer to sun deities.
works a TREAt in English, however the Jews of the times didn't speak English, the spoke ancient Hebrew and in that language Schlomo is the name... so the compound word theory is then a bust.
I HAVE watched all his stuff and found it, in my opinion to be somewhat lacking in truth and compared to the facts.
to understand a subjet you have to see both side.
To quote the Vorlons from Babylon 5.. truth is a triple edged source... one side and their "truth".. the other and their "truth" and somewhere in the middle lies the actual truth.
as for censorship? LOL that's kinda funny.. Long live the victim mentality!. Commenting that you have found interesting factual information to show that someone is talking plop isn't censorship, it's commentary from a questioning point of view that perhaps may well disagree with the content creators theories.
showing evidence of another point of is not censorship.
If it was censorship .. would the content even be here?????
This is a conspiracy site and is all about the dissemination of alternative points of view and hidden truths. Why is it if you question a theory that some then cry censorship.. when it's not clearly NOT censorship but.. ASKING THE QUESTION???
This site is all about asking the questions.
this is why there are comments under the torrents... so that people interested for whatever reason can ask question and stimulate a conversation on the subject, to discuss the subject at hand and get to the nitty gritty.. isn't that a GREAT thing??
or is it a bad thing to questions things.
Point to note.. EVERY conspiracy theory exists to "Debunk" the conventionally accepted paradigm.. so how can you not be a fan of debunking?
Also note.. what i post isn't an "attack" but simply asking questions and questioning every theory.. that's how to put ANY theory to the test

I'm not here to do any verbal sparring with you.
People can take whatever from what I post, to do their research as they will
I'm just here to post what I find.


it's not verbal sparring nor a flame war.. it's simply discussion.
If you have faith in your topic then why not discuss?
it's fine if you don't and also very well done on the uploading, it IS good to see.
I would genuinely suggest looking at Chris White's documentary.. it's very well researched and laid out with expert testimony and citations galore.

I do appreciate the link you provide, in order to further my research in general. If you do wish to share some more vids, that would be cool in general. Thank you.
I personally do have a thing against "debunkers" in general, not that they should be censored. I do have a thing against them because I'm afraid that if a person is presented with debunking then that will make it more likely they would just stop their research there, and not research further what the debunker is debunking.
And again, that is out of my hands lol. And I know it is not kind of me in general to assume that people would just stop their research based on what a debunker would say. All of these are things have been things I have been working on myself about over the past few months especially.
Thank you regarding the uploading. I'm not trying to dissuade other people from uploading their own torrents as well.
I just have a knack for gathering info, and I like to share.
I am not against discussing in general, but I am feeling I am not ready to be a teacher or even argue in general (except regarding a few things). There's so much to freaking learn.
I wish I didn't have a full time job yet could still be supported to research all the time LMAO.