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Jonestown Franklin CIA Mind Control Sex Slaves Child Abuse Satanism

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Jonestown Franklin CIA Mind Control Sex Slaves Child Abuse Satanism The concept of mind control strikes most people as either futuristic or fabulous. In fact, human beings have employed effective thought-processing techniques ever since the first oligarches sought to exploit their underlings, ever since the first mystics sought communion with their deities, ever since man first sought to understand his inner self. Mind control, broadly defined, has been with us in one form or another since the beginning of civilization. Since 1991, Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien have alternately appalled and enthralled their growing audience with tales of mind control, programmed prostitution, ritual abuse, and worse. The handsome couple from Tennessee initially told their story to a select group of writers and journalists. Now, they spread the word via right-wing periodicals and outside-the-mainstream radio programs. They've also written a book: Trance-formation of America. Cathy claims to be a victim of the Monarch Project, an insidious CIA/military/Satanist plan to use ritual abuse victims as mind-controlled guinea pigs. Victims of the plot, almost always female, grew up within multi-generational Satanic families. Sold by their parents to government brainwashers, Monarch kids are intentionally "split" into directed multiple personalities, useful for various criminal purposes - as spies, as drug mules, as prostitutes, and so forth. The well-developed primary personality never realizes what was done by, or to, the alter personalities. Powerful individuals with a taste for sexual excess choose their playmates from the ranks of Monarch graduates, the better to avoid after- the-fact blackmailers and tattle-talers, a la Vicki Morgan and (if you believe certain writers) Marilyn Monroe. For example, O'Brien describes in detail how one important aide to Ronald Reagan enjoyed raping her anally while using a stun device to prod her body with electric convulsions. This is the sort of fetish that might cause some concern among the voters, if ever they learned the truth. Hence, Monarch. Little about the basic Monarch theory struck me as technically implausible - indeed, this putative project seems, in many ways, the logical extension of MKULTRA. I therefore initially found the O'Brien/Phillips story quite intriguing. But I also found Mark and Cathy exceptionally frustrating to deal with. audio THE LILLY WAVE How All of Society Is Under Mind Control Dr Patrick Flanagan w Jeff Rense (64kbps).mp3 ebooks Dantalion Jones - Mind Control 101.pdf Dantalion Jones - Mind Control Hypnosis.pdf Dantalion Jones - Mind Control Language Patterns.pdf David Icke - Tales of a Government Sex Slave.pdf DeCamp - The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska (1996).pdf Jim Keith - Mind Control World Control The Encyclopedia of Mind Control.pdf Martin Cannon - Rare MKULTRA research Megabrain, New Tools and Techniques for Brain Growth and Mind Expansion - Michael Hutchinson.pdf Mind Control - Brice Taylor.pdf MIND-WEAPON - Anna Fubini.pdf Perfected Mind Control - Dantalion Jones.pdf Physical Control of the Mind - Jose Delgado.pdf Ritual Abuse and Mind Control - Wingfield, Rachel, Schwartz, Joseph, Badou.txt The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler.pdf Tracy Twyman - Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.pdf Vigilant Citizen - Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave.pdf Walter Bowart - Operation Mind Control.pdf videos Aaron Russo by Peter Boyles 1 of 5 (360p).mp4 Aaron Russo by Peter Boyles 2 of 5 (360p).mp4 Aaron Russo by Peter Boyles 3 of 5 (360p).mp4 Aaron Russo by Peter Boyles 4 of 5 (360p).mp4 Aaron Russo by Peter Boyles 5 of 5 (360p).mp4 Aaron Russo Great Interview by Peter Boyles 2006 (480p).mp4 BEYONCE COMPLETELY under HYPNOSIS MK-ULTRA Illuminati Sex Slave (480p).mp4 Bird Flu Distributed by Dept of Homeland Security (360p).mp4 Brice Taylor Mind Controlled Sex Slave 2000 News Report (360p).mp4 Data Signals Are they Interfering with Our Brain Waves (480p).mp4 David Shurter Satanic Ritual Abuse and MKUltra Survivor (480p).mp4 Elite Child Sex Slaves 1981 Forgotten Documentary (360p).mp4 How the CIA Accomplished its Coup of the US Military (480p).mp4 Influenza Aviar es transportada por el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (480p).mp4 Israel Owns the US (480p).mp4 John DeCamp 1 of 5 (360p).mp4 John DeCamp 2 of 5 (360p).mp4 John DeCamp 3 of 5 (360p).mp4 John DeCamp 4 of 5 (360p).mp4 John DeCamp 5 of 5 (360p).mp4 John DeCamp 2007 FULL (480p).mp4 Jonestown CIA Mind Control 1 of 2 (360p).mp4 Jonestown CIA Mind Control 2 of 2 (360p).mp4 Persona Synthetics - Attention! 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Thanks Doc! Just curious what this file is about in relation to mind control: Persona Synthetics - Attention! Product Recall (1080p).mp4

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