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Jonathan Gray - The Forbidden Secret

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The Forbidden Secret is the RESCUE plan.
The elite have sworn to suppress it, discredit it, and keep it secret from the public.


Are you ready for Operation Rescue?

Power mad murder mongers have seized our planet.

They don't want you to know the survival strategy that will defeat their plans for you.

This is the first time in 44 years of investigating, lecturing and publishing that I am offering $100,000 to anyone on earth who can disprove the thesis presented.

Yes, disprove the overall thesis of this report and CLAIM $100,000 REWARD.

And learn the horrendous story of the man who risked everything for the truth.

I invite you to study this report very, very carefully.

Here are a few of the pivotal facts presented within its pages:

1. Did life appear spontaneously, then evolution took over? Latest scientific evidence from DNA, biology and fossils, says NO EVOLUTION. (Chapters 1-5)

2. Did mankind originate by seeding from outer space? Latest experimental, observable scientific evidence says NO UFO-ALIEN ORIGIN (ch.6-7)

3. Law of Cause & Effect: An effect cannot be greater than its cause. The intricate design of life, intelligence & personality requires A CAUSE outside the creation itself which has life, intelligence, PERSONALITY. (Chapter 8)

4. Only one ancient book on earth contains PROPHECIES with an accurate foreknowledge of world history progressively, step by step to 2011 - and beyond! (Ch. 11-12)

5. Is our world HELD CAPTIVE by forces hostile to us? And have we unwittingly fallen into line with their thinking? Compelling physical evidence says YES. (Chs 14-18)

6. Are natural disasters - weather, earthquakes, and new disaeases - being manipulated in a real-life WAR GAME? Hard, chilling evidence says YES. (Chapters 14 to 18)

7. We all end up dying, right? However, DEATH IS NOT NATURAL or inevitable without a remedy - because the solution to banish death now definitely exists. (Ch.16)

8. OPERATION RESCUE is currently underway, to restore this planet to its original perfect state - also to terminate disasters, disease and death. (Ch. 19)

9. RESCUER'S NAME KNOWN: All races originally claimed news of a coming World Messiah - identified by name - who will exercise power to end our global mess. (Ch.24-27)

10. AMAZING PROPHECIES: 300 prophecies spell out details of this promised World Rescuer, even to pinpointing the precise year he will appear. (Ch. 20-23,29)

11. LOCATION KNOWN: Italians, Egyptians, Iranians and others claim inside knowledge that the predicted Rescuer of our planet will appear in the land of Israel. (Ch.22)

12. Two scholars deleted 160 years from real history to hide an embarrassing world event. Their BOGUS CALENDAR is now in official use! (Ch.41)

13. Has a global multi-front DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN swung into action against Operation Rescue, to deprive millions of its benefits? The evidence says YES. (Prologue B, Chapters 19 and 42, and Epilogue)

14. As WORLD EVENTS ESCALATE into an inevitable major showdown, each of us will have opportunity to accept or reject a guaranteed secure future. (Chapter 50)

15. Did you know that an important locality was deliberately erased off a map - leaving a BLANK SPACE ON THE MAP! And can you guess why? It was to cover up a grossly scandalous event, no less! (Chapter 27)

16. Would you like to know about a SUCCESSFUL LIFE EXTENSION SECRET that is banned in many countries - and even in our schools must not be mentioned publicly? (Chapter 19)

17. MEN SAW LIVING DINOSAURS! Discover how scientists were caught desperately destroying evidence. (Prologue A)

18. Are NON-HUMAN ENTITIES really in contact with us? An abundance of startling evidence says YES! (Chapters 15,18,21)

19. 4 million Americans have claimed abduction by aliens. The utterance of one name only can HALT AN ALIEN ABDUCTION. One name and no other. Is it Krishna, the pope, Mohammed, Jesus or Buddha? (Chapter 49)

20. Have you heard of the 6 amazing historical COVER-UPS concerning Jesus Christ? And can you guess who is involved? (Prologue B)

21. Exposed: The spiritualist séance scam. Can SPIRITS OF THE DEAD CONTACT US ? Compelling evidence says NO! So who are these crafty impersonators of the dead? (Chapter 17)

22. "Impossible", but absolutely true: A river in flood dried up for 21 hours, enabling 3 million people to cross over on the dry river bed! How was this done? (Chapter 10)

23. At the same time that an "impossible" prophecy was saving thousands of lives, a terrible political and religious mistake killed a million people (Chapter 33)

24. WHAT ASTROLOGERS WILL NEVER TELL YOU: Why do star signs feature a pregnant virgin, a dying lamb and a travelling judge? (Chapter 27)

25. Are you ready for OPERATION RESCUE? Have power-mad murder mongers seized our planet? What is the survival strategy that will defeat their plans for you?

Don't let anyone cheat you out of this.

And my investigation uncovered some odd facts:
" Is your body's electrical potential really 170 trillion volts?
" How was a whole city physically thrown into the sea?
" Why was an important constellation erased from sky maps?
" Have human remains really been discovered in coal and pre-Cambrian rock?
" What three powerful words can halt an alien abduction?
" What seven fateful words seal Europe's future?
" Why was a curse placed on a prophecy?

" Acts of intrigue
" Uncanny coincidences
" Scientific hoaxes

" Enjoy a fuller, happier life now
" Survive the coming crisis
" Live long enough to fulfil all your dreams … and then more
" Prepare to live on and on: free from pain, sickness and fear
" Would you like to enjoy your loved ones longer?

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