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John Todd Rothschilds Ruling with Druid Witches audio ebooks

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John Todd Rothschilds Ruling with Druid Witches audio ebooks Revisiting John Todd: "Rothschilds Rule with Druid Witches" John Todd (1950-2007) ranks with Svali and Benjamin Freedman as one of the most important Illuminati defectors. I listened to a lecture he gave on witchcraft and the Illuminati and was rudely reminded of the extent our society is saturated by the occult. Here are some points from this lecture worth reiterating: The Illuminati, witchcraft and the occult are basically synonymous. They are characterized by a hatred of Christianity. The rites of initiation of Freemasonry and Witchcraft are identical except the initiate in Witchcraft is naked and his wrist is cut. The Rothschild family is at the head of the Illuminati - they are the Illuminati unholy Trinity combined, with the Pope thrown in. The capstone will be placed on the pyramid when a Rothschild becomes the Messiah or anti-Christ. The evil eye in the capstone is Lucifer. The Rothschilds appoint a family to run each country. In the US, it is the Rockefellers. Every President since Woodrow Wilson has been a member of the Illuminati. Politicians take their orders from witches who report to the Rothschilds. Phillipe de Rothschild was the head honcho until his death in 1988. Roughly 130 teenage girls were satanic ritual sacrificed in Los Angeles in an average year in the 1970's; the police classified these as "murder rapes." Movie "The Dunwich Horror" (1970) and "Star Wars" (1977) were inspired by witchcraft. "The Force" is an occult concept. Below is an article containing more of Todd's revelations. After that are links to articles trying to discredit him. Although there may be discrepancies, the fact Todd was framed and died in custody (in 1979 or in 2007 depending on the account) is all the proof I need. Be sure to listen to the curious "John Todd's Message from Prison." A "Grand Druid Council" of 13 "Witches" control the Illuminati, and meets eight times annually on the "Witches' Sabbaths" (incl. Halloween) when millions of occult practitioners engage in orgies, which sometimes involve human sacrifice. My source is John Todd, the highest Illuminati defector in history, a Witch High Priest, a member of the Council of Thirteen, and part of the Collins Illuminati bloodline that brought Witchcraft to the US in the 17th Century. He casts the Illuminati as a vast, highly organized and powerful occult conspiracy that holds mankind in a satanic vice. The Illuminati are "thousands of conspiracies operating in parallel," he says. For example, the vows and initiation rites of witchcraft closely mirror Freemasonry. His name is John Todd (also Cristopher Kollyns). In 1972, when Todd was "saved," and exposed the Illuminati, he ruled a 13-state US region consisting of 5000 covens, i.e. totalling 65,000 priests and priestesses. That's just the ministers, not the congregation. This champion of humanity would be unknown today but for a website maintained by "James", an American living in Japan, and another belonging to the redoubtable Wes Penre. Skeptics say that if the Illuminati were real, there would be defectors. There are plenty of defectors; clinics that deal with CIA mind control and satanic ritual abuse are full of them. But the vocal ones get put away. In 1987, Todd was framed for rape and sentenced to 30 years. According to Fritz Springmeier, when Todd was freed in 1994, he was "picked up by a helicopter" and murdered. ("Bloodlines of the Illuminati" p.93) But James' website has a record of Todd being released from prison in South Carolina in April 2004 and then being re-incarcerated in the "Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit" of the South Carolina Dept. of Mental Health. Calls to the Director Chad Lominick were not returned. (Could someone find out if Todd is there and still alive? We owe him that at the very least.) Todd has provided many shocking revelations, which Fritz Springmeier confirms could only come from a man who was in fact a member of the Council of Thirteen. Fritz Springmeier says the 13 Illuminati families consist of "generational Satanists." audio John Todd Former Illuminati Occult Member Gives Testimony John Todd Message from Prison John Todd Message from Prison John Todd Testimony.mp3 audio ebooks Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged.pdf Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier.pdf Fritz Springmeier - Illuminati Formula.pdf Gary Allen - None Dare Call It Conspiracy, 1971.pdf Illuminati Comic Books Angel of Light.pdf Broken Cross.pdf John Todd Spellbound.pdf pics brotherhood illuminati structure.jpg Illuminati Comic Books Angel of Light Broken Cross John Todd Spellbound text John Todd - The Illuminati and Witchcraft.pdf The Testimony of John Todd Collins, 31p.pdf MARY TODD LINCOLN - TRUE KILLER OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN.pdf Clinton, Quigley and Conspiracy - What's Going on Here.pdf The Cult of the Serpent.pdf INVESTIGATION OF THE JOHN TODD.pdf JOHN TODD - DIVIDING THE BRETHREN.pdf audio tapes transcripts John Todd’s Last Known Testimony from Prison.pdf John Todd Tape Transcripts.pdf The Illuminati Purpose and Plan for World Takeover - James Japan.pdf Dake Demons.pdf John Todd on Atlas Shrugged.pdf John Todd's Testimony.pdf John Todd Lecture.pdf John Todd Testimony.pdf tags: illuminati, witchcraft, occult, druids, Rothschilds, council, conspiracy, nwo, antichrist, coven, priest
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