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JOHN PERKINS - Ex Economic Hitman

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John Perkins interviews on Iceland's Silfri Egils about the vicious economic empire.

For the corporatocracy, it's about controlling resources. It's about intentionally impoverishing people so as to control them and, henceforth, control the resources.

So which resource is coveted in Iceland? Energy. More specifically, cheap geothermal electricity, of which, Iceland has plenty. John Perkins believes ALCOA's aluminum smelting and processing operations have taken advantage of Iceland's energy resources at sustainability cheap prices during their financial crises, in which, the IMF has played a large role by loaning massive amount of money to Iceland.

John Perkins is telling the Icelanders to rise up and fight the encroachment by the IMF and the corporatocracy. They would be better off without the IMF. He advices Americans to do the same.

So the cannon has turned around. The corporatocracy has now been targeting Developed Western nations now that they cannot exploit the 3rd world as easily as before. Thanks to the strength and courage of Latin America and others in the developing world, the IMF has been weakened recently, and now need the trillions of dollars in capital infusion. That's what's going on at the G20. The IMF needs to capital to blackmail, force, and control nations.

Yes, the top executives at the Fortune 50 are sociopaths, but the rest of them at smaller corporations and businesses are not. And that's where the change can and must happen. We the people must put the pressure on these malleable organizations.

Let's look at Latin America as our role model. The populations there have had a revolution. They've said NO! to the IMF, the corporatocracy, and the empire by demanding economies and social structures be based on fairness, equability, and sustainability.

These demands must come from the population. It cannot happen strictly by voting in politicians because they are pressured by the corporatocracy. The people must take matters into their own hands. They must change their consumption and investment habits so as to promote fairness, equability, and sustainability.

We have the information. Now we need the courage. SEND THEM PACKING.