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John Moore 2013.01.02 Martial Law by Memorial Day - HOT - CF

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John Moore Jan 02 2013 Martial Law by Memorial Day - HOT - Commercial Free

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Description By Shortwave

John says he is very concerned about the information that he has been getting from his sources. John's East Coast FEMA Management contact had gone underground and had to put his family in a safe haven. The source is concerned about a EMP attack in the next two months.

All of John's sources say Martial Law will be declared between now and by Memorial Day. Two of the three say by March. Another source, a military officer was at a briefing and was told they will be doing what they will be doing not to much off in the distant future. And if they refused these orders their families would be harmed.

John warns police officers who agree to go along with the upcoming gun confiscations.John explains the differences between rational law abiding citizens standing up for their rights versus common criminals who run and hide. Rational, smart law abiding citizens will defend their rights.

John mentions the 1994 assault weapons ban and the forming of militias. John discourages people from joining public militias and warns that if you are a member of one get out. Form groups only with people that you know well and trust. Get together, train and get ready.

Word to the wise, get ready and get ready now. John says every AR-15 in the United States was sold in a week. John says the upcoming gun law proposals is meant to get a violent push back.

Once they get that push back, they will declare martial law. John warns police officers not to get involved with enforcing unconstitutional anti-gun laws, it would be better to resign or work behind the scenes to slow it down.

John says get your ham radio license, learn about radio and gives reasons why. Phil from Texas asks about helping friends when TSHTF. Stock up now on what you need, especially batteries.

JJ from Grand Junction gives an update of sorts about that mysterious railroad spur that he reported about last week.

JJ added that they are militarizing their county airport with a new 2 mile long runway, 8 foot chain link fence with razor wire on top.

JJ says Grand Junction is a recovery point for first and second responders. Grand Junction is about half way between Denver and Salt Lake City.

James in Texas asks questions about optics for the SKS rifle. John suggests going to thrift shops, yard sales, farm auctions for supplies.

This is another must listen to broadcast. Keep in mind that some parts of this information could be bogus, exaggeration, or just plain dis-info either by the sources, host or callers whether intentional or not. Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of calling up these sources to verify these claims. So it is, what it is until proven is speculation but something that cannot ignored either.