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John Harris - 31st October 2009 - @ The Lawful Rebellion Conference

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This is John Harris' Latest talk at the "Lawful Rebellion" Conference hosted by The British Constitution Group. It will be his 2nd to last talk since he will be talking at the Alternative View 3 in Bristol this weekend (13th November 2009). He will be concentrating on writing his book, which definitely will be worth reading when its done.

In this 60 minute lecture he covers many areas including:

* 1911 Parliament Act & the history of that.
* Dealing With The Inland Revenue - returning letters "No Contract - Return To Sender".
* Precautionary Principle
* Dealing with fuel retailers such as Tesco and how to bring the price of fuel down at the pump.
* How to use the word "No" with respect and decency withut getting angry.
* How to talk to Parliament to get information not available on the Internet regarding acts, etc.

He says people in the UK possess an ability not found anywhere else in the world.. The ability to actually allow themselves to enter into voluntary servitude in the service of their own people. All UK truthers have entered this legal state of being!

You can watch this online here:

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Enjoy :)