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Jim Keith - Mind Control, World Control (1998) audiobook

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Jim Keith - Mind Control, World Control (1998) audiobook This work seeks to uncover information on the technology, experimentation and implementation of mind-control technology. It reveals aspects of this topic such as: early CIA experiments on Project MONARCH and RHICEDOM; the methodology and technology of implants; mind-control assassins and couriers; and famous mind-control victims such as Sirhan Sirhan, Patty Hearst and Candy Jones. About the Author Jim Keith (d.1999) was a well-known conspiracy and UFO writer of 1980s and 1990s. He was the editor of the magazine Dharma Combat: The Magazine of Spirituality, Reality and Other Conspiracies for many years and the author of over a dozen books, many of them published by Adventures Unlimited Press, including Mind Control, World Control, Saucers of the Illuminati, Mass Control, Mind Control and UFOs, and others. Originally from Los Angeles, he lived in briefly in Klamath Falls, OR until finally settling in Reno. War for the Mind Since the beginning of recorded history men have lusted for control of their fellows—the impulse seemingly part of the makeup of the half-ape, half-angel we call human. Until modern times brute force, propaganda, and religion were the most successful methods for the manipulation of human beings, but by the turn of this century coercive methodology had advanced far beyond the sword, the inflammatory slogan, and the stick and carrot of heaven and hell. Now, in the 20th century, scientists in the pay of governments and other monied interests have made technical breakthroughs that render actual mind control feasible, and on a nigh-universal scale. Invasive control techniques have been fine-tuned to the point where the controllers are literally able to get inside our heads and to command us. They are able to tinker with our humanness, to manipulate it, to destroy it if they choose. They are able to use high tech networks of electronic entrainment and broadcasting whose nature has not even been hinted of in the mass media — since the mass media itself is employed in the same manner, for the manipulation of the populace. Even the subject of mind control in the media is mentioned only in the context of science fiction, or is derided as the delusions of the crazy "aluminum foil hat crowd," never mind that those guys might be on to something. audiobook: Mind Control, World Control.mp3 - specs: Mac computer voice Tessa, 64 kbps, run time: 11 hrs 16 min 54 sec tags: mind control, implants, mkultra, monarch, psychology
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