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Jim Grover - Combatives for Street Survival [gun training]

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Jim Grover - Combatives for Street Survival [gun training]

Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann, Personal Security columnist for Guns and Ammo magazine, is a world-renowned expert on close combat, counter-terrorism, executive protection and firearms tactics. In this explosive four-volume video series, Grover teaches you the secrets of his firefight-proven methods of defensive handgun shooting. This series covers every aspect of employing the handgun as a fight-stopping defensive weapon, including grip, stance, trigger control, reloading, use of cover, position shooting, weak-hand shooting, malfunction clearances, shooting on the move, low-light shooting, defenses from a vehicle and many more. Grover not only teaches you how to perform these actions in a tactically sound, real-world manner, he shows you how to hone your skills and challenge your abilities with realistic combat range drills. These videos contain the same information that Grover has taught to elite special operations and counter-terrorist units all over the world. Now it can be yours. This is the most comprehensive defensive shooting program ever captured on video and must viewing for all serious students of firearms tactics.

comment: A non-nonsense streetwise approach to real-life combat situations. Grover has the same practical minimalist hardcore style as Gabe Suarez. What Gabe did for the AK-47, Jim does for the handgun. This isn't about beauty or style this is about survival in extreme situations. Forget about martial arts - it won't work. Next to Gabe Suarez, Kelly McCann aka Jim Grover is the best! I have leeched this from TPB at 30 kbps and it has taken me over three days to complete, after brushing it up now I'm reseeding for concen at high speed.



Combatives for Street Survival

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