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JFK Assassination - The Best Evidence

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ripped from the vhs tape released by rhino, pretty clean rip.

here's a quote from the wikipedia entry on david lifton


Realizing the importance of some of the accounts of the witnesses he interviewed, Lifton arranged to have them filmed in October, 1980, just prior to the publication of the book. There was no "home video" at that time; but when technology advanced and home video recorders were in most homes, Lifton—sponsored by Rhino—used the footage and created BEST EVIDENCE: The Research Video. This video—which earned very positive reviews, and sold around 50,000 copies—permits viewers to meet the core witnesses in his book: Aubrey Rike, the Dallas funeral attendant, who put Kennedy's body into a ceremonial casket, and key witnesses from Bethesda (Paul O'Connor, Dennis David, and Jerrol Custer) who were aware that it arrived at Bethesda in a body bag.

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Thanks for sharing, I found lots of stuff about David Lifton on YouTube