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From JFK, Apollo, 9/11 To Flat Earth - How TV Fakes Images, Fools the World and Creates a False Reality HTD 2018

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Happy Torrents Day - 30th March 2018

Television - the weapon of mass media to commit mass deception by The Powers That Be to dupe the world into believing falsehoods such as three of the greatest conspiracies uncovered in modern times - the JFK Assassination, the Apollo moon missions, and 9/11.

These epic hoaxes were passed off as real news stories to make people believe in lies such as that a lone gunman killed JFK, that man went to the moon several times (without mishap at that) in the 60s to early 70s, and the WTC was destroyed by planes.

To create a false dichotomy and reality in the minds of the masses, to show how much they are in control.

The same TPTB telling us that the earth is a spinning globe in a heliocentric model through their falsely concocted images and CGI in TV, movies, advertisements and everywhere.

The ultimate NWO agenda to keep us from knowing the Truth that will set us free!

Proof of how images of the supposed 'live' TV coverage of the 3 events were actually manipulated, doctored and pre-recorded are put together in this video.

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