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Jewish Ex Israeli Speaks About Israel's Paranoid and Psychotic Society Of Apartheid

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Jewish Ex Israeli Speaks About Israels Paranoid and Psychotic Society Of Apartheid - roflcopter2110

Jewish Ex Israeli Speaks About Israels Paranoid and Psychotic Society Of Apartheid MP4 - roflcopter2110.mp4 - 9min 32s 320 x 240

The majority of people on this planet just want to live a happy, healthy life. Their greatest desire is to have a loving family and a peaceful and comfortable existence. They do not want to hurt others to accomplish this. They do not have a "kill or be killed" personal philosophy. These healthy interpersonal values extend passed religious beliefs; they are held by Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, et al.

Generally, paranoia and psychosis is an individual mental affliction. Rarely is it seen in an entire society. When witnessed en mass, one must ask how this has come about. Social conditioning is the most likely conclusion. This articulate lady from Austrailia gives all of us a better understanding of what governmental machine drives the Middle East violence and hatred.

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