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Jeffrey Epstein and the MIT Media Labs scandal in a nutshell

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From: The Outer Light
Published on Sep 11, 2019

"Recently it has come to light that Jeffery Epstein has had a long term association with MIT Media Labs in regards to being a chief financial contributor. This association went well beyond Jeffery Epstein having served jail time. MIT Media Labs accepted not only money from Jeffery Epstein post jail time but also worked to cover up the payments from Jeffery Epstein. Little is known about what exactly Jeffrey Epstein was funding in MIT Media Labs and what the research was. One of the chief figures caught up in the scandal is Bill Gates, who has said he does not know Jeffery Epstein, even though it would seem he made a 2 million dollar payment to MIT Media Labs through Jeffery Epstein and has flown on Jeffery Epstein’s plane at least once. I go into this as well as a number of other things in this video. Here is a link to the Reddit forum I mentioned in the video: "