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Jack Blood - Deadline Live 2010.01.08

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01/08/2010 - Friday

First Hour: Breaking News from
(not so) New airport screening 'could read minds'
Two Men Arrested in New York Bomb Plot Investigation
Underwear Bomber provides excuse for Kiddie Porn and Massive DNA Destruction!
Leftist - Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw Defends Hitler, Mass Murder
BiscuitGate Update! Savannah Cops say drivers were Drug Dealers - Paula Deen BlackMarketeer? Part 1
S.Carolina GOP Censures Rep. Lindsey Graham - Graham blames it on Ron Paul
Has Liberty Been Lost? - Paul Craig Roberts says YES
Gibbs Grilled Over C-SPAN Promise
Experts: Cold snap doesn't disprove global warming
Venezuela: Obama is worse than Bush

Second Hour: We are joined by Freeman of FREEMAN will discuss the details of recent "Russian Spiral" phenomena. What is the "Cloud of Care"? (was this a deadly weapons test meant to equalize O'Bomba?) also: Russia launches rocket to divert asteroid. What are they really up to? and as we all bare down for the big freeze, could weather modification be responsible? Cui Bono?