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Jack Blood - Deadline Live 2010.01.04

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01/04/2010 - Monday

First Hour: Information overload! Even as Dubai seems broke, they open the world's tallest "Superscraper" today, at a cost of 2Bn. The USA could have bought 500 of these this year with the Obama Stimulus alone. Whatever happened to the Freedom Tower in NYC? / Back from the Dead: Former DHS secretary Michael "The devil" Chertoff shills for body scanners for his client Rapiscan. US and UK pull embassies in Yemen, while Hitler Clinton saber rattles - 70% of americans polled favor Yemen invasion. More breaking news than you can poke a stick at from

Second Hour: We are joined by Investigative Researcher, film maker, activist, and radio host Jonathon Elinoff, who has just released an excellent article: 33 conspiracy "theories" that turned out to be TRUE...