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Jack Blood - Deadline Live 2009.12.17

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12/17/2009 - Thursday

First Hour: Another Ron Paul protege shows his neo con stripes? - Military Keynesianism ? / Obomba threatens US citizens with "Bankruptcy" IF we don't pass his Insurance bail out - pro pharma health bill / OB HC - "Completely irresponsible, and reckless" / Snow blankets Copenhagen as Cousin Barry arrives / Climate Gate 2 - Russia claims that UN scientists cherry picked data their climate to sell "global Warming" - Other breaking news from

Second Hour: Walter Burien joins us to discuss the Comprehensive Annual Finacial Report, which tells us just how much money our govt makes off of us, and contradicts the myth that Govt needs more of our money, and why they "need" it in the first place. Walter is a successful Wall St analyst, and world class researcher on monetary injustice. This might blow your mind!