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Jack Blood - Deadline Live 2009.12.02

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12/02/2009 - Wednesday

Hour Won: Obama Speech backfires! / Australia's Parliament defeats Global warming bill - Heads are rolling ahead of NWO Copenhagen summit / JOHN BONCORE AKA "Splitting the Sky" joins us to discuss CIA (NOT that cia) Threats to Deadline Live, why we do not censor our show EVER!...... and how real activism will change the world. STS Survived the Attica riots, and has dedicated his life to truth!

Hour Too: Emily and Sarah Kunstler will discuss the new film about their dad "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe." This fantastic documentary is about activist lawyer William Kunstler-director of the ACLU, defender of the Chicago Seven, subject of FBI surveillance, mediator at the Attica uprising, lawyer for Abbie Hoffman and Lenny Bruce. Equally fantastic is that this film was created after Kunstler's death in 1995 by his two daughters, Emily and Sarah, who, without the gauze of familial loyalty, explore the evolution of a complicated man-their father-who was both a strident idealist and a blatant hypocrite, a selfless activist and a camera-loving egotist, a revered hero and a despised villain. It's a wonderful, weird, and very American story