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Jack Blood - Deadline Live 2009.11.06

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11/06/2009 - Friday - HOUR WON: RECAP OF THE FORT HOOD SHOOTINGS near my home in Austin TX. Why isn't ONE news agent questioning the VAST differences between the initial reports, and the final story. As per usual, another public shooting follows today in FL. Also: breaking news from

HOUR TOO: PAUL TOPETE - Lead singer of the historic Info-Rock band, "POKERFACE" discussing the band's newest effort: "Peace or War" I have done a few gigs w/ POKERFACE, and I can tell you that they are the real deal. They are great musicians, songwriters and some of the Bravest truth artists I have ever had the honor to meet. They stood with us on Ed and Elaine Brown's front yard as we were being harassed by DHS helecopters, the US Marshals, and local chickenshite police. They never blinked, and played as always the "Soundtrack for the rEVOLution!" Check them out and tell everyone to buy the CDs!