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This is It_ Satan is Finished - Could it Be Satan is Not Real?

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This is It . . . Satan is Finished
Explaining Satan From Acts To Revelation
Could It Be – Satan is Not Real?
~ "With Satan Gone, We Are Left with Only God"

Readers everywhere are elated to find the Satan in the New Testament is not a cosmic angel who chose evil and fell.
Did the Apostles adopt Christianity’s Satan or have religious leaders made an error?
Who says there is a cosmic evil entity giving God a run for His money?
Is man the only adversary of God?
In volume 4 of the Imagine No Satan series the Evil One disappears forever.
This is the most compelling work today on man’s greatest adversary. You won’t see Satan the same once you’ve read this book!
No need to keep praying for protection from Satan and amnesty from Hell. In "This Is It...Satan Is Finished," we find out why Satan, the devil, demons, and Hell are not real.
They said it couldn't be done, but readers everywhere are glad Brayshaw did it. The final chapter is written and thousands are now enjoying the benefits of a Satan-free world.
From seeing who the Angel of Light is to identifying the Satanic Dragon of Revelation, every account of the "Evil One" is examined. And religion's Devil is shown to be far less supernatural than we have been told. Satan has no place as a literal entity in the Bible, in the world of Christ, or in a world where the Creator claims to be the One and Only God.
It is doubtful that there has ever been a more compelling thesis against the existence of Satan. "This Is It...Satan Is Finished" seals the case. This final book in a masterful four volume series renders the works of the Devil completely destroyed.
Eagerly, this fearless author brings the astonishing reality to the table. This epic tome takes each step with care, brilliance, and logic, on a panoramic journey that eliminates Satan forever.
Welcome to a world without Satan ... your world is about to get a whole lot brighter.


Just how did the Devil get inside our heads? And who put him there?
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