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IRREFUTABLE - Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World

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Documentary series featuring whistleblower Dr. Judy Wood, showing irrefutable and remarkably simple evidence of weaponized free-energy technology on 9/11.

Missing Rubble - Episode 1
Dr. Judy Wood - Episode 2
Dustification - Episode 3
The Big Picture - Episode 4
The Book - Episode 5

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Judy "I invented the word dustification even though the word pulverised already existed" wood. she be full of it
and her "thesis" is eminently refutable hung by her own nonsense LOL Greg Jenkins PHD rips her twelve new ones

Just get acquaintance with the so called Hutchison Effect ( and the rugged history of that guy and THEN you explain to me (a metallurgical engineer) how those steel beams turned to dust while in free fall in plain air...

While this not happen Judy is the ONLY one with an explanation... no matter if she make a few exaggerations in her narrative.

and i stand by my comments

... to be a nuclear furnace, Einstein to be a genius and all the nonsensical BS of Quantum Mechanics, black holes, Big Bang, etc...

I know the drill. As usual, the crowd here knows his stuff.

yeah whatever bud :P