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The INWO Book Guide to Illuminati NWO Card Game (1995)

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The INWO Book Guide to Illuminati NWO Card Game (1995) This an original, first printing from Steve Jackson Games. Complete guide and instruction book of the card game. The INWO Book is your handbook for Illuminati: New World Order the trading-card version of Illuminati - the classic, award-winning game of guile, intrigue and world domination. Here you'll find everything you need to explore the devious strategies and evil schemes that will add a new level of excitement to your INWO games. Included are: The World Domination Handbook, Version 1.1: The complete, updated rulebook Every Card Described: All 412 cards from the Limited Edition, with the complete text of every card . . . and the art in full color! Illuminated Strategy: Deck-building hints, subtle twists, tips for playing each of the nefarious Illuminati groups . . . and for playing against them. Variant and Optional Rules: New ways to take over the world, including the "One With Everything" rules for playing with one big set of cards, and the notorious Cheating Rules. Designer's Schemes: The inside story, from the beginning of the game's creation to plans for tomorrow! Stupid INWO Tricks and More. Amazing book - Absolutely fascinating: This is a must have book for anyone who would like information on what our controllers have planned for us in the future. This game was made in 1995 and accurately predicted 9/11 through the 'terrorist nuke' and 'pentagon' cards. Absolutely amazing. ebook: The INWO Book Guide to Illuminati NWO (1995) 154p.pdf tags: Illuminati, cards, games, NWO, new world order, guides, INWO, conspiracy, power, politics
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