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Investigative Journal 2009-11-04

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The Investigative Journal
Broadcast: 04-Nov-2009
Host: Tom Friess
Guest: Jonathan Levy []
Topic: Alperin vs. Vatican Bank lawsuit

• upcoming case against the Vatican bank in San Francisco
• laundering of concentration camp gold through the Vatican bank
• the Vatican bank is never audited, just like the Fed
• Rothschilds: guardians of the papal treasury
• Vatican bank is allowed to accept "movable assets" for pietistic purposes
• lie of the poor Vatican: assets not being listed but being owned or controlled plus tax excempt status
• fraud upon the faithful: indulgences, fake apparitions...
• media blackout on the other cases against the Vatican over money laundering (insurance scandals)
• common pattern: looting of property of schismatics and heretics, including Orthodox Christians
• case of Madoff is not insignificant, made real assets disappear and caused a recession
• the phony war on terrorism - measures suddenly ceased; involvement of Knights of Malta
• 5 justices of the Supreme Court are Opus Dei; sign on the wall: sudden "conversions" of politicians to Catholicism
• perversion of judicial system: case must be "plausible"
• how everybody talks about Sharia law, nobody talks about Canon law