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Interstellar Communications on Standing Gravity-Waves (G-COM)

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Interstellar Communications on Standing Gravity-Waves (G-COM)

This is what millions of people are waiting for: telecommunica-
tions that does not engender electric pollution. Nobody complains
about telecommunications, but everybody (except the producers)
complains about electric smog caused by it. The increase of trans-
mitting masts in the mobile phone sector has become life-endan-
gering. Very soon, this will be a thing of the past. In the summer of
this year (2000), the physicist and mathematician Dr. Müller, director of
the Institute for Space-Energy-Research, Wolfratshausen, has suc-
ceeded for the first time to modulate language signals onto stand-
ing gravitational waves. On October 27th (2000) a historic scientific ex-
periment was carried out in Bad Tölz (Germany) — the first language
transmission by means of standing gravitational waves between
Bad Tölz and St. Petersburg (Russia). Read now
Dr. Hartmut Müller’s explanations on the physics and
mathematics involved.

Standing waves are nothing
special in nature. But it is
only now that we have
come to be able to use
them for purposes of communica-
tion. Any conventional means of
telecommunications, be it radio,
television, telephony or even
megaphone, uses not standing but
propagating waves for informa-
tion transfer. And this is for a
good reason: standing waves do
not transmit energy. This doctrine
is still valid today – with one ex-
ception: it does not apply to stand-
ing gravitational waves. The exis-
tence of this special kind of
standing wave was postulated by
the Theory of Global Scaling (H.
Müller, 1982) and was experimen-
tally demonstrated for the first
time in 1986. These standing grav-
itational waves need not be gener-
ated for they permeate the whole
universe setting it into syn-
chronous vibrations on all levels
of scale.

The idea to use standing gravity
waves as carrier waves for infor-
mation transmission was born al-
ready in 1989 — albeit only in the-
ory. Practical application proved
recalcitrant. Only the develop-
ment of the G-element (1998-
2000) brought the breakthrough.
This gravi-electric energy con-
verter is able to modulate stand-
ing gravitational waves of natural
origin. Even though G-Com
technology is still in its infancy
(the first successful language
modulation was achieved in July
of 2001) it already far surpasses all
traditional methods of informa-
tion transfer in two important as-

First: A modulated stand-
ing gravitational wave can be de-
modulated instantly (isochrono-
usly) in any place on planet
Earth, on Mars or outside of the
solar system. Distance and trans-
mission times are rendered

Second: Waves are neither
being generated nor sent. Hence
G-Com technology does not
require antennas, satellites, am-
plifiers and transformers. This is
the beginning of a new era of
telecommunications — free
from electric smog.

Gravitational Communications (Gregory Hodowanec)

Very limited work on this aspect has demonstrated feasibility. This is a most important
consideration for, say space communication, since communication would be instantaneous. If
there are other intelligent life out there in space, monopole gravitational waves would probably
be used for space signaling. Some of the sounds heard on GW detectors, especially the
"musical" ones might be such communications, especially as they appear to come from the
same direction in space on a daily basis. Most are from the plane of the Milky Way. This
development is the direct result of the discovery of monopole gravity signals, and the author is
confident that future developments will make this a viable and reliable communications system.

Gravity-Wave Communications Advantages (Gregory Hodowanec)

1. Greater than 1040 theoretical resonant frequency channels (fo*) are possible.

2. Voice, video, and other pulse-type operations possible using digital techniques.

3. Instantaneous communication

4. Universe-wide communication

5. Pulse code operation, i.e., Morse Code.

6. Security code adaptable

7. Mechanical and/or electronic modulation techniques usable.

8. No EM radiation involved.

9. Very low power operation

10. Many system designs possible

11. No cross-talk between channels?

12. Mind-operable systems are possible (ESP?)

Comment: They did a transmission from Germany to Australia with just 66 mW of power. Normally this takes at least 100 Watts of power. Standing gravitational waves have a near-infinite phase velocity. For this reason these communications occur at a speed of transmission by far exceeding the speed of light. It is therefore highly suited for interstellar communications. If extraterrestrial civilizations do exist, then they may well use gravitational waves for their transmissions. From this point of view, any attempt of communication with electromagnetic waves seems quite obsolete. To my knowledge scientists at SETI still use electromagnetic waves - at least this is their official statement. As usual, the public is kept as stupid and ignorant as possible.