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Intelligence Squared Debate The UN is Terminally Paralysed (UN vs NWO)

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A debate whether the UN should be replaced by the NWO. A debate between sheep and goats :P

I didn't want to upload this but I think some might find it interesting and it kind of belongs here imo.

Don't expect too much. :wave:


The United Nations is terminally paralysed: the democratic world needs a forum of its own

The UN doesn't seem much good at keeping the peace. It did nothing for Darfur. Its 17,000 blue helmets in Congo, the largest ever peacekeeping force, have entirely failed to stop the violence in North Kivu province. It couldn't even make up its mind to do anything about Burma.

Is the UN past its sell-by date? Would it not be better for the world's democracies to create alongside the UN a more dynamic body - a League of Democracies - which could take decisive action to avert yet another humanitarian catastrophe, rather than sit dithering on the sidelines?

Or would this organisation only serve to undermine the UN which, though it no doubt needs reform, is the world's sole if fragile source of collective legitimacy?

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