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Inside the White House (2012)

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Inside the White House (2012)

Here you have the unique opportunity of paying a virtual visit to your beloved or not so beloved president in the White House. Of course the truly secret rooms inside the White House haven't been labeled, such as the armory or the cryptography-room or maybe the room for pedophile activities and the room for the marines special forces. This is just an overview of the official White House - its secret levels deep under the ground have to remain secret. It is certainly reasonable to assume that an entire command and control center to launch a full blown nuclear war can be found there too.

Please also notice how thick the walls inside this building are. It can be assumed that the structural integrity of this building has been massively reinforced since its original conception. The President's Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) may be located deep below the East Wing.

I've found this on the Russian Ria-novosti news site. Since the software program cannot be downloaded from there, I had to make a large scale screen recording. This may be the most detailed building plan of the White House you have seen so far. I cannot guarantee for its accuracy though.

Brought to you by CAJI - watching the watchers

"A government that has nothing to hide from the people is a government that has nothing to fear from the people."

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