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Inner Evolution with Dr. Bruce Lipton (2020)

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Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of epigenetics, takes us deep within the structures of the cells, and into the energy of the quantum realms, to reveal the secret mechanisms connecting consciousness with wellbeing.
In this groundbreaking series, you will come to understand that you are not your genes. Your genetic expression is directly determined by your environment and, more importantly, your perception of that environment.
What you will discover, is a scientific approach to understanding the spiritual connection that affects every part of the body. This will empower you to take back control over your genetic blueprint, the way your body responds to the environment, and achieve an inner evolution through biological change.


Chipuer et al (1990) (as well as Haworth et al. (2009)) come up with an estimate h² of 0,51 or 0,50, meaning that in the whole population, variances in IQ can be attributed to about 51% to gene variance. Environment is estimated with 0,49 so 49%
Chipuer et al:
Haworth et al:

However the whole topic is very complex. The estimation method only related to populational variances, not individual.

Genes switch on and off according to the environment.

Did they prove the genes were dictating the IQ, or could something else be dictating both?

His original video lectures - there are a couple of versions - are a go-to for trying to explain to people that their genetics doesn't dictate their destiny.