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Influence of Older Civilizations and Religions on Christianity

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Influence of Older Civilizations and Religions on Christianity:

Scholars agree that the influence of other civilizations and religions is a major cause of corruptions to Christianity. In particular, many of the dogmas and myths in Christianity are believed to be influenced by the mythologies of Babel, Egypt and India.

This upload include the following titles:

1- Babel and Bible. By: Friedrich Delitzch, 1902. These lectures link many of the myths in the Old Testament to Babylonian mythologies. The lectures created great sensations when they were first delivered.

2- Israel and Babylon – The Influence of Babylon on the Religion of Israel. By: Hermann Gunkel, 1904. This is a reply to the lectures by Delitzch.

3- The Legends of Genesis. By: Hermann Gunkel, 1901.

4- Light on the Old Testament from Babel. By: Albert Clay, 1907.

5- The Chaldean Account of Genesis. By: George Smith, 1876.

6- Religion of Israel to the Exile. By: Karl Budde, 1899.

7- Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity. By: Samuel Sharpe, 1863.

8- The Mythical Interpretations of the Gospels; Critical Studies in the Historical Narratives. By: Thomas James Thorburn, 1916.

9- Biblical Myth and Rabbinic Mythmaking. By: Michael Bishbane, 2003.

10- The Influence of Greek Ideas and Usages on the Christian Church. By: Edwin Hatch, 1890.

11- Studies in the History of Religions. Edited by: David Godon Lyon and George Foot Moore, 1912.

12- Christianity and Mythology. By: John Robertson, 1910.

13- Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions. By: T.W. Doane, 1882.