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IMPLOSION- Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy(BSRF)

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135 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.

This is the Borderland Sciences' 3-part RARE and amazing compilation of articles, translations and other works done using Viktor Schauberger's philosophy of implosion.

Part 1: Implosion - Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy (1985), compiled by Riley Hansard Crabb & Thomas Maxwell Thompson (revised edition of Leopold Brandstätter's book Implosion Instead of Explosion)

Part 2: More Implosion than Explosion (1986), compiled by Tom Brown

Part 3: The Austrian Patents of Viktor Schauberger, translated from german by Jorge Resines

Schauberger, a famous austrian natural philosopher, predicted the ecological catastrophes which are occuring all around us and proposed the solution - return to the principles of mother nature. In this fascinating collection the reader is taken on a tour of the philosophy of implosion which is how nature grows and makes things move around. Living in a society where a vast majority of technology is designed on the basis of explosion, such philosophy of implosion might seem strange if not highly suspicious. And yet we constantly observe that the present state of technology is destroying nature and humankind with it. Schauberger foresaw this development and suggested a giant swap which would replace all existing technology with a more natural version. Called the "water wizard", he proposed the natural solution to the energy problem through diamagnetism and etheric forces, suggested that centripetal forces can and do overcome gravity and discussed how to regenerate diseased water. He is also the inventor of implosion motor, suction turbine, home power plant and the famous Schauberger flying discs. The Implosion series present a different outlook to man's ever more troubling questions, such as where to get cheap energy, how to move things around without causing damage to nature and lastly how to survive at all.