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Implosion and the Path of Natural Free Energy Devices [ebooks]

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Implosion and the Path of Natural Free Energy Devices [ebooks] It has been clearly and conclusively established already that technology in its various experimental and practical attempts to produce useful energy resorts only to pressure forces (water, steam, air or gas pressure) or that it makes either direct, or indirect use of the heat of combustion to produce expansion and explosion — again pressure forces -- which it then converts to useful energy. Thus we have established the fact that so far technology has only partly recognized the significance of Nature's polarity. Only after having explored the above mentioned deeper psychological factors do we begin to understand why it has seemed preferable to utilize the pressure component. This totally one-sided attitude in regard to the production of energy is responsible for the fact that the essential balance of the bipolar structure of the basic natural elements has been severely upset and all life on earth put in gravest danger of extinction. ebooks: Borderland Sciences - Some Free Energy Devices.pdf Implosion - Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy, 1985.pdf Ion Valve Oscillators and Ion Valve Converters.pdf Kelly - The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems, Vol 2, 1991.pdf Sumer Tech - Cosmic Bio Machine - George Merkl.pdf Viktor Schauberger - Living Energies with Callum Coats.pdf tags: phase conjugation, wave geometry, sacred geometry, implosion, zero point, free energy, ecology, nature, spirituality
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I have some old homemade videos from those guys of Borderland Sciences many years ago doing experiments, including E. Dollard and P. Linderman.

If someone here have the interest PM me and i share them here.