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Imperium - Elite Child Sex Trafficking meta-documentary (2018)

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Imperium - Elite Child Sex Trafficking meta-documentary (2018)

Interestingly I was halfway through watching this when it hit on the subject of MK Ultra - related to the Trance/Cathy O'Brien story.

Part 1 Belgium
Part 2 Lithuania
Part 3 UK
Part 4 Kendall (Dr Phil)
Part 5 Republican Party (Omaha)
Part 6 Monarch
Part 7 Finders (Ted Gunderson)
Part 8 Democratic Party / Pizzagate
Part 9 Black Mass
Part 10 Imperium (banker Ronald Bernard)

Volume I parts 1-5 on bitchute

Volume II parts 6-10 still on YT for now

Can anyone find Volume I in 1080p?
I found parts 1,2,3,4 at 720p.

Plus the description with further links would be handy.

Source Documentaries from Description

The watching of all source documentaries is encouraged:
Part 6 (0:00): (dead) (dead) (dead);read=4435

Part 7 (37:19): (dead)

Part 8 (53:27): (dead) (dead) (dead) (dead)

Part 9 (1:40:26): (dead) (dead)

Part 10 (2:08:30):

Wow! Thanks for those helpful

Wow! Thanks for those helpful links!


[and even though I am late to the party, thanks for sharing the instructions to configure ratios for seeding; in my case, though, I'm with TheCorsair and will just let seeds go their organic way --> mainly because I often don't download things when they are initially available, but only later when my interest is piqued or my research interests bring seeds, torrents and topics in the fold.

in any case, it has been great seeing more tutorials on this site lately.]

You're welcome!

on both counts.

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