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Icke/Rose III Livestream (it died)

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Icke/Rose III Livestream (it died)

Their streaming platform fell over due to demand.

Bit strange they didn't use something peer-to-peer, that would just get stronger the more people joined it. There do seem to be solutions.

Presumably it will show up to watch after the live event.

wasn't it

meant to be london real's own ,new platform?

It's here, but...

youtube-dl is failing for some reason...

It's on dailymotion but...

Still can't save it, I tried a couple of sites.


I think I will have it shortly.


The downloader isn't working.

I have the 480p

I have the 480p file, if anyone wants to try a better quality one, be my guest. I'll post this tomorrow.

Here's the downloader that worked in the end

got hold of it

at 720p
While I think Icke is a bellend, i do think it should be here.
all sides should be documented and put here for people to kake up their own minds.
I'll get the upload sorted just now

London Real

I have the 3 x Icke, 1 x Kaufmann and 1 x Buttar recent interviews with London Real if anyone is interested. Just need a few basic instructions on how to upload, as its been so long since I uploaded anything, I've forgotten !!


Hey Jewels! I think it would be great to have another new uploader here. I upload often but had to Google it to get a more succinct description on how to upload torrents:

"In your favorite torrent program, go to the File menu and click the option to create a new torrent. Then you'll need to select the source/files that you want to share in your torrent. It can be a single file, or even a directory. After this step, you'll need to input some public or private trackers into your torrent."

The trackers you need to input are:

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