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Ice on Fire (2019)

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Can we reverse climate change? Ice on Fire explores the many ways we reduce carbon inputs to the atmosphere and, more important, how to "draw" carbon down, bringing CO2 out of the atmosphere and thus paving the way for global temperatures to go down. Reversing climate change is urgent, given that the world passed 400 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere resulting in climate instability across the globe. We have heard the predictions but now climate related events are a daily reality - summer 2018 was the hottest on record, storms are stronger, droughts are longer, the arctic ice is thin or non-existent and antarctica is melting faster than predicted. Through visiting visionaries and scientists young and old, the film explores the deep hope that we can turn away from the brink. And, just as we figure out drawdown, we face an added complexity, the release of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas in the arctic, that is now entering the atmsphere. As the film says: "Is it game over? Or is it game on? As we have at hand, the ability, the capacity, and solutions that can reverse global warming...not mitigate, not reduce, not stabilize, but reverse.'


Thanks again !

I call all this Greta nazi bitch climate change global warming filth bullshit! The technology exists to heat, propel, lift, light, etc. with no refuelling ever or only water and that is any water like pepsi or piss or distilled water with no carbon crap pollution. This world is going down the shitter thanks to psychotic parasites killing shelving and suppressing these awesome machines and now pushing this climate change agenda. These parasites need to be shot, ever single one of them and all who protect and support these shits.

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I thought this documentary made a very convincing case for man-made global warming and increased CO2 and methane in the atmosphere. But they also provided a lot of scientific solutions. I agree there are many alternative energy technologies that are being suppressed that would help this situation. But I do not deny that it is a real phenomenon...

If Terra is indeed worming, but from the Magma below, not the Carbon above... it is posible for humans to change it!?. Just "if", for the smart ones. :)

" But I do not deny that it is a real phenomenon...". I do not deny it, i say you do not now nothing aboute it.

Bull Crap, Indeed!

You guys are just scared of the truth. It's too overwhelming to you. This is an intelligence test. It is completely obvious that there is climate change happening. This is scientifically proven. Watch the documentary instead of shooting off knee-jerk reactions.

Please don't post scary pictures of mind controlled children

Finally got around to seeing that file Ice on Fire file you posted. Another gripping first rate production by HBO. Especially liked the climate change solutions offered. Perhaps the American military and their industrial complex can pony up the funding instead of Joe Smuck. After all they seem to be creating the bulk of the problems.