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iAwake Tech Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety (2013)

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iAwake Tech Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety (2013)

Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety

Music and Meditations Featuring State-of-the-Art Brainwave and Biofield Technology

from iAwake Technologies


Enjoy a blissful, natural high and release anxiety in minutes. iAwake audio technology goes beyond conventional binaural music programs by integrating multiple layers of researched entrainment psychoacoustic principles. The result? Quickly induced states of deep calm that last for many hours, even when used daily. This program immerses you in a gentle soundscape for fast and lasting relief from tension, worry, and fatigue. CD 1 is a music-only session. CD 2 adds a guided meditation for opening the heart and releasing self-love and self-compassion.

Basic Instructions

The Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety program features two powerful technologies:

• Innovative audio brainwave-entrainment frequencies that are harmonically layered to evoke the brainwaves that commonly occur during deep relaxation.

• A uniquely embedded biofield technology that emits very relaxing subtle energies into the human biofield.

When listening to the guided meditations in this program, headphones are recommended for optimal brainwave entrainment. The musical portion of the program can be enjoyed with or without headphones, at any time of day when you wish to relax.

Schedule a time every day to listen to at least one guided meditation. While listening to all three guided meditations daily (for a total of 60 minutes per day) will deliver the best results, even meditating for only 20 minutes daily with one of these guided meditations will release the buildup of habitual stress. It will help you feel calmer and more aware, compassionate, and resourceful during stressful situations. Please note that "Repose" (Track 3) is designed to be listened to only following "Reprieve" (Track 2). Listening to both tracks will require a minimum of 40–45 minutes, including a 1–5 minute integration period following the guided meditations.

Important: After each session, give yourself 1–5 minutes to ease back into your day. Be sure to anchor your deepened awareness and spiritual devotion in your mind by consciously observing and feeling these qualities in your body. Soak them up and bathe in them. Then intend to carry your awareness with you wherever you go.

Drink water: Brainwave entrainment increases blood flow to the brain, and drinking one glass of water before and one glass after each meditation session helps your brain rid itself of waste by-products.

specs: both complete FLAC and MP3, 2 hours

comment: Beware of unknown subliminals.


"comment: Beware of unknown subliminals." -- ARE there unknown subliminals? This is very important. Is it reasonable to suspect that there might be some of these in these tracks?