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iAwake Tech Audio Serenity (2012)

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iAwake Tech Audio Serenity (2012)

61 Minutes of Pure and Deep Relaxation

iAwake Technologies' new NeuroFlow series brings you a breakthrough in neural and biofield entrainment technology. The NeuroFlow series facilitates transformative flow states, helping you flourish, grow, and evolve in today's turbulent but exciting times. NeuroFlow stands out from other programs not simply because of the powerful flow states it facilitates but how long the effects last throughout the day.

iAwake's fourth NeuroFlow program, Audio Serenity: A Drug-Free Digital Vacation from Stress & Anxiety, emits an energetic field that influences your biofield to induce states of bliss and peace. Find in this profoundly relaxing recording:

A 61-minute suite of soothing, enveloping, healing music
Enhancement for massage, deep relaxation, and meditation
Quick and lasting stress-relief
The subtle energetic frequencies of endogenous opiates, the brain's natural painkillers
Brainwave patterns associated with comfort, ease, and relaxation
Results with or without headphones
A Pythagorean tuning of A = 432 Hz (used in early sacred music and believed to be more relaxing and harmonious than the modern 440 Hz tuning)
Biofield entrainment frequencies for deep calm, effortless meditation, and bliss

With Audio Serenity, a subtle energetic field envelops your entire body—often felt as a refreshing cool breeze or tingling warmth against the surface of the skin.

Use this stress-melting program to:

Create relaxing and calming energy fields in any environment
Release fatigue, negativity, and emotional stress after work or during a lunch break
Experience a deeply relaxing natural high, reduce stress levels, and increase inner peace daily
Deepen relaxation and serenity in massage and meditation
Complement your work with iAwake's Profound Meditation Program by facilitating stress-relieving, rejuvenating states of consciousness

Neural Entrainment Technology

Audio Serenity features a number of unique neural entrainment methodologies, including:

Dual-Pulse Binaural Signals (exclusive to iAwake)
Harmonic Box V Signals (exclusive to iAwake)
Harmonic Layering
Isochronic Entrainment

Integrated Neural Entrainment Technology

The Integrated Neural Entrainment Technology (iNET) process envelops brainwave activity, guiding it toward transformative states of consciousness and influencing the electromagnetic field produced by your body to resonate at meditative frequencies.

In conventional brainwave entrainment (BWE), rhythmic pulses attract the brain's neural firing rhythms into their own train of influence. However, because brainwaves and neurological processes are essentially nonlinear and dynamic, the entrainment signal generated by conventional forms of entrainment has a very limited capacity to engage the brain's neuro-electrical modulations.

The iNET process significantly improves the efficiency of BWE by integrating multiple entrainment methodologies into a synergistic whole, thereby captivating more of the brain's dynamic flows to produce phase synchronous brainwaves and deep states of meditation.


files: both complete AAC and MP3 (no FLAC available from original site), 1 hours 50 seconds


Once again, beware of unknown subliminals.

With 432 Hz Pythagorean tuning! That's VERY unusual. Some argue that the tuning had been changed historically by secret brotherhoods to mess up peoples energy centers, to keep them from getting illuminated.

Then there's something very odd in the manual. Now read this: "Play Audio Serenity silently WITH NO VOLUME: Yes, that's right! You might find yourself in a situation when you'd like to enjoy the peaceful emanations of Audio Serenity, but it's inappropriate to be wearing ear buds or listening to music. No Problem! Simply place Audio Serenity on "repeat" on your MP3 player, then turn the volume down to zero and don't worry about using your ear buds at all. Due to the powerful biofield (subtle energetic) entrainment technology contained in Audio Serenity, it will emanate a deeply relaxing energy field even at zero volume! Some people are more able to consciously detect this energy field than others, but your body and biofield will still register and benefit from it nonetheless." Well, don't ask me what this means. This makes me think of those weird etheric radionics devices from my fantastic torrents about Borderland Sciences.