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Ian R. Crane on Red Ice Radio

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part 1 Codex Alimentarius, GMO and Artificial Food Scarcity

We are joined by speaker and researcher Ian R. Crane who is behind the DVD and website "Fool Me Once" to discuss everything from Codex Alimentarius to the New World Order. We begin to talk about Ian's background in the oil business and what happened after the first gulf war, that got Ian on the research path. Topics Discussed: Burning oil fields in Kuwait, 9/11, Codex Alimentarius, The Future of Food, We become silent, Monsanto, Percy Schmeiser, Growth Hormone, Cloned Food, GMO, Artificially created food scarcity, Ritalin, Vitamins, Dr Robert Verkerk, Natural Health Federation, Natural Health Federation and Natural Solutions Foundation, Controlled Opposition: "The Codex lady" Rima E. Laibow and her husband General Stubblebine who was involved in Parapsychology projects for the military, "The Men show stare at Goats" and much more. Do not miss our very interesting subscriber interview with Ian R. Crane as we discuss the New World Order's Quest of Zion in 2012. We discuss everything from human origins to the elite psychopaths. How is Mt Hermon in Lebanon connected to the London Olympics of 2012 and a possible staged alien invasion? Don't miss this fascinating discussion with Ian Crane. part 2 The New World Order's Quest for Zion in 2012

We continue our excellent program with Ian R. Crane and dive into the subject of the New World Order's Quest of Zion in 2012. We to set the context of the concept of the New World Order and move on to connect this to Zion, the new Jerusalem and London, the 7/7 bombings, the 2012 summer Olympics and the possibility of a fake alien invasion, a major event in the year of mystery. We discuss human origins, the possibility that the elite think that they are descended from the Anunnaki. We talk about how the elite and psychopaths at the top levels of power are trying to control everything natural and everything "unpredictable". We also discuss how Mt Hermon in Lebanon that's on the 33rd parallel is connected to 2012 and much more. Don't miss this fascinating continuation with Ian Crane.

May 22, 2008 2 hours 48kbps MP3