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i have to be to court on the 11th,so im desperate to know what to do,would it be a good thing to do is fax a letter to the district attorney(since i dont know the judges name)? i read this on a thred here would this be a good idea?

Write a letter/fax to the Judge...and ask him/her if he/she plans to try you under Common Law or [Vice-] Admiralty Law. The Judge probably won't respond to this. Most likely it will get dismissed. Tell the Judge that you need to know this because? you are not a legal expert and would like to prepare yourself accordingly before you go to court.

also maybe mention and ask the d.a if he has a valid cause of action againts me,is there a crime,An injured party and a plaintif?
maybe tell the d.a i do not wish to consent or contract with you?

also can you give me any more info that will help me?

to give short detail the search warrant they served didnt have my name or my fathers name on it,nor my residence,the warrant names a hispanic male named javier rodriguez that resides in the city of la habra or whittier that drives a silver dodge magnum,,i am a white caucasion with a name of gregg doe and drive a white pontiac trans am,when they presented the search warrant to my father my father said this warrant is for someone else i do not want you entering my home,they did anyway.i understand that as long as a judge signs a warrant that they do not have to have it present when they conduct a search,the police are saying that they left the warrant when they were finished with the search,unfortunatlly they left the wrong one