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A GUIDE TO COMPOSTING HUMAN MANURE3rd edition - Published September 1, 2005

by Joseph Jenkins

255 pages, 42 tables and charts, 55 drawings, 19 photos, glossary, index, and a few bad jokes

3rd edition - ISBN-13: 978-0-9644258-3-5; ISBN-10: 0-9644258-3-1

“Despite all the books on manure and how to use it, human manure composting is not covered elsewhere, making THE HUMANURE HANDBOOK: A GUIDE TO COMPOSTING HUMAN MANURE a fine reference for any who would learn these basics. Now in its 3rd edition, THE HUMANURE HANDBOOK covers all the basics of human waste management, from septic systems to commercial composting toilets, sewers, and more. A history of various composting methods, science, and problems is accompanied by a healthy dose of humor plus a solid foundation of science into pathogens, pros and cons of competing systems, and more. If you’re an avid composter, there’s nothing like this on the market.”

“A paradigm shift in waste management, where microorganisms are the superstars and Water is eliminated from the whole “waste” equation. "

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