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Hullo Again

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Hullo Again

Long time member who rejoined ConCen last year to resume her educational torrent addiction.

I have been coming here all this time because IMO the last 2 generations have been having their brains sucked out by TV/gaming/smartphones and being americanised so much we don't recognise our own cultures and genders anymore. I can't even count the number of peeps on one hand that I know IRL these days who can grow a vegetable, prepare a meal from real food ingredients or even repair a freakin button on their shirt. We outsource everything and have less life skills than our grandparents.

If I could travel back in time and change just one single thing it would be to save the Library of Alexandria. Since I've been hanging out here (10-ish years?) it's been like my digital Library of Alexandria. I wish we could attract more peeps who would be archiving this sort of self-help stuff, cos when the system and/or net collapses we're gonna be so fucked if we can't access ways to revive/relearn this essential knowledge.

LOL I keep forgetting that there is a forum attached to this site. Silly me :-D

Keep uploading gold

We all appreciate it!

Welcome back, and hey you

Welcome back, and hey you have misspelled the word Hello.

mjoy1993 wrote:

Welcome back, and hey you have misspelled the word Hello.

the guy is being nice and saying hello and you have to pull some semantic dick move!
Welcome bud and cheers for uploading.

Not in my country

LOL we usually spell it with a "U" here ;-)

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