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Annalee Newitz, Jonathan Westhues

Annalee will talk about how she got an RFID implant to demonstrate some of the basic security problems with these devices. These are problems that the companies who make RFID systems are either ignoring or outright lying about. She'll discuss the process of implanting the RFID, including getting the surgery and unpleasant dealings with VeriChip. She will also talk about the many problems with security used for implanted RFIDs (and security problems with RFIDs used as access control devices). Then Jonathan, the RFID-hacking expert who cloned Annalee's RFID, will talk about how he did it and (hopefully) he'll be able to give a demo. He'll describe how he made his device and how it can also be used for proximity card cloning. He also has a new cloner which he may or may not want to talk about in detail.